Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Alice in Wonderland by H.Stern‏

The impressive creatures that form the scenario of the Alice in Wonderland film were artistically sculptured in gold and diamonds in an extraordinary collection developed by H.Stern in partnership with Disney.  The coloured mushrooms, a bird from the topiary garden, the Cheshire cat and even the Jabberwocky dragon were the elements chosen by the Jeweler’s creative team.  The rings are handcrafted in gold and finished with coloured enamel and diamonds, all available in two sizes  - “human dimension” and “extraordinary dimension”, which are enormous sculptures that go beyond anything known in terms of jewelery, measuring up to 10cm in height.

H.Stern’s five creations, each one in two sizes, will be available worldwide only by special order.


tigerlily said...

WOW I love them all! And would wear them all (not at the same time haha)

crazyyetwise said...

YAAAAY THE CAT is adorable :)

Confashion said...

I would wear the Cheshire Cat ring if it was made as a necklace with all the branches branching out covering the entire neckline.. 7ada statement making thing! ;)

Verrry :)


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