Monday, March 8, 2010

And The Award Goes To..

"So, who's your BEST dressed celeb?" is a question raised by a very dear friend after any red carpet event. She always beats me to it. And this morning wasn't any different. The first thing she said to me was: "I thought the recession was over!!", referring to how celebs played it safe with their fashion picks. If you're a celeb who can get any gown you wish for and make a designer's dream come true by gracing the red carpet in his/her own creation then seize this once in a life time opportunity and go for something more extravagant and daring. Not lady gaga extravagant, but more refined couture-like pieces like Armani Privé or Marchesa. Anyways, here's my favorite Oscar's best dressed celebs list:
  • Jennifer Lopez in Armani Privé, I have to admit though she looked fabulous from this angel, there was something not quite right about the other
  • Miley Cyrus in Jenny Packham, a flattering age approperiate gown
  • Victoria Beckham, in her own label, saved by the pixel effect which made the gown more interesting
The disappointments? SJP, Diane Kruger, and Charlize Theron (major disappointment!).

Who's your best/worst dressed celeb?


serenade said...

completely agree,,, especially with jennifer lopez and miley cyrus,,

SJP's gown kind of grew on me, at first i thought it was hideous,, but it has this ugly/beautiful thing to it,,

and i wanted to add anna kendricks gown from up in the air,, it did not go well with her skin tone,, but i still found it pretty,,

Mrs F said...

I really didn't like the messy updos trend on the red carpet! from SJP to Jennifer lopez to kristen stewart they were all sporting the " i just got into a catfight" hairdo.. it just ruined the whole look for me :/

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Lopez def looked good in that shot, but on stage it was not as flattering!! ADORED Cyrus in the Jenny packham dress! So pretty! Although I rarely like dresses that are all sparkles like the Marchesa Sandra Bullock wore..she looked deeeeevine!! Her hair, make up and dress! It just felt right!Perfection!
Vera Farmiga's berry coloured Marchesa was hot too!

YES..I agree... charlize and SJP..what the hell?!

hellwafashion said...

Major major let down by Diane Kruger, also thought Carey Mulligan was a let down.
I actually liked SJP - not at first, but when I saw the back, I decided good for her for being a bit different.
This is the best pic I've seen of JLO, I didn't like the dress when I saw it from the other angles.

Cooookiez said...

Sandra B. Looked stunning in that metalic merchesa !

Got to respect a lady in that age and looking as beautiful as deemi! Her Versace dress almost matched her skin !;p

worst dressed .. Definitely SJP! Mariah Carey .. WTH ?!

e7mod said...

where is deemiii? and wat was she plz....

Fairy said...

i think cameron diaz looked stunning! the dress, the makeup and the hairdo were just purfect!

the worest..hmmm i wouldnt say she was the worest but i didnt like kristen stewart's dress on her! i mean on her age n body that dress needed some curves ykno!

ZooZ "3grbgr" said...




ZooZ "3grbgr" said...

btw ..

it'd be better if Sandra wore another lipstick .. pale for eg.

and SJP hairdo was hilarious when she was presenting with all those flashes although i liked it from the back


ZooZ "3grbgr" said...

here is demi

Oleana said...

A lot of them played it safe this year, there wasnt any wow factors.

One of my favorites was Zoe Saldanas Givenchy gown.

- F said...

So I guess I wasn't the only who was disappointed by Diane Kurger and SJP! Miley looked fabulous! I love her look, but dunno about J-lo

Sn3a said...


sugar lolita said...

i liked sandra bulluk stunning dress

Tee said...

I really liked Rachel McAdams' dress. I have to agree with you that Charlize and Diane could've done better. They are usually the best dressed!

Aisha said...

OK SJP's dress was amazing i loved it as soon as I saw it, and it was a real shock that lots of ppl didn't agree with me :P,, as for the hairdo it was hideous from the front and i was really wondering why no one told her that it was messy!! or that's the style of the hairdo!!??? i was confused,, but it looked really beautiful from the back.

Anonymous said...

sandra waaas soooooooooo beautiful ! her dress waaaas outstanding and her hair style waas so classic .


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