Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Still Strong?

Structured shoulders hit the runways the past two seasons in all shapes and forms. And of course that’s no news to you. But now that the sale’s all over K-town, would you still scout for  this trend or are you over and done with the strong shoulders?

I spotted this Paule Ka purplish dress with a cute side bow. The shoulders details were mix of sharper/softer structure with more compact to them. I actually liked the fitting AND it was on sale. I think the price tag after sale was around KD 200. I found another dress with the same shoulder effect but it was kind of shapeless; maybe it would look more flattering paired with a thick multi-buckle belt. 

Paule Ka boutique is located at the Avenues Phase II, close to the English Tea Room. 


Mary Poppins said...

laaaa2 laaa2 tawni ahib 3alaaihom lay5al9oon!! :p

Sarona said...

never liked the should pads trend and never was on board that wagon, didn't like it when I was a kid and I still don't so I totally and firmly pass on that 'cause I know for a fact if I got anything with shoulder pads I'd still cut them out

Just A Bunch said...

the purple one is cute & elegant at the same time!


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