Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Confashionful Year

May 2010 puts you on top of high-end luxury retail’s VIP list
May 2010 brings you a bundle of recession-unfriendly gifts from your loved ones
May 2010 brings you stacks of neatly packaged black boxes tied in a black & white ribbon from your fave online boutique
May 2010 brings you diamonds and pearls and stacks of furs (faux if you wish)
May you stay fierce, fabulous, and fashionable in 2010

All together now: “Living in a material world… and I am a material girl!What would be your superficial wish for 2010?

Now that we got all our superficial wishes out in the open, it’s time to wish all my fab readers a genuine and sincere wish from the heart: Hope you have a very healthy and happy year with your family and friends. And let's start supporting good causes for a better life. Need inspiration?


Just A Bunch said...

hahaha that's the funniest, most uplifting HNY wishes i've read so far! hee hee i wish they come true! hee hee

serenade said...

love the wishes,, ameeen!

my material wishes for 2010 would include:
- a traditional bahraini pearl necklace, complete with matching earrings..
- a new fur coat and cape
- a bentley?

lol love your posts and i look forward to another year of folloing you :*

Amira said...

Happy New Year full of Happiness, Success & Health :)

AZM said...

Thanks for that :-D

My wish for 2010:

A Rick Owens leather jacket...

And wish a great and even more successful blogging year in 2010 :-)

Zabo0o6a said...

Happy new year confashion!
I need help where i can find russian scarves?I've seen lots of girls in shopping malls sporting this trend colorful russian scarves with nice fringe?


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