Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fatal Attraction

To put a chic spin to your jewelry collection (or your mom’s!), you HAVE to check out Octium. Octium is a new concept jewelry shop in Kuwait which opened its doors in October 2009 at 360ยบ mall. When I first visited Octium it felt more like stepping inside a fancy boutique hotel lobby rather than a jewelry store. And ever since I’ve been there I wanted to feature it on my blog but didn’t get around it. And now thanks to Boutique 4, we can all admire the innovative interior of Octium exquisitely designed by Spanish artist-designer Jaime Hayon from the comfort of our couches. Nevertheless, the place is a MUST-visit!

 Octium has truly redefined the concept of luxury jewelry in Kuwait. It presents the work of various exclusive jewelry designers from UK, USA, and the Far East such as: Shaun Leane, Ivanka Trump, Hanna Martin, and Pipa Small. Some pieces reminded me of my Delfina Delettrez’s experience. The pieces in store are: iconic, unique, breathtakingly glamorous, to-die-for, and to splurge on. The place to send your loved ones to to buy you a gift *devilish smirk*.

Disclaimer: Confashion has learned the hard way that being a shopaholic and visiting Octium can be a fatal combo. Therefore, is not responsible for any financial damages triggered from shopping at Octium. Thank you.


serenade said...

lol love the disclaimer ;p

ismy said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Octium! Absolutely the chicest store in Kuwait! xoxo

Confashion said...

thanks ;)

the chicest jewelry store in Kuwait that's for sure :)

shuffle said...



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