Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shoulders Show Off

So you're not buying the strong shoulder pads trend for whatever the reason is be it, unflattering, not proportionate on your body type, or simply because you lived through Dynasty years. However, you might want to give this trend a try by going for a subtler version of it, which is the embellished shoulders. Look for shoulder details like ornaments, beading, and studs. They create an slight effect of fullness, but in a very delicate way. I have found some good examples of the decorated shoulder in shops around K-town. Like Chloé's see through huge crystals, Alberta Ferretti pearl detail, and TopShop's pyramid shaped studs.


Sylar said...

I can't wait until chain mail and plated greaves go back into fashion.

Noura said...

So 80`s :)

hellwafashion said...

Was sort of avoiding the shoulders thing (for the Dynasty reason) this is a good way to nod to the trend, didn't think of it.


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