Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Event: The 99: Redefining Islam

Dr. Naif Al Mutawa, the founder and CEO of Teshkeel Media Group and the creator of “The 99”, an Islamic-themed comic book series, will be speaking at the Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah Forum on Wednesday, 25 November at 7 PM. The lecture, The 99: Redefining Islam, will be held at the Maidan Cultural Center in Maidan-Hawalli.


Boo! said...

Islam is an evil death cult. You can't refine it with cartoons. Who are you kidding?

Boo! said...

Also, drawing is haram in Islam. How can he violate the teachings of his own religion? Hypocracy anyone?

hellwafashion said...

I saw him speak at TEDx Dubai, he's funny and entertaining.Not really a massive fan of cartoons but he's an interesting guy.Well worth popping along I'd say.


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