Sunday, November 15, 2009

Carolina Herrera was in Kuwait!?!?

Carolina Herrera (the daughter not the designer) was in Kuwait and in the Avenues?!?!?? How come we don't get to know about such events until after they occur! Bummer!

I just found out about it through Al Watan TV tonight. Apparently, the daughter of, er, Carolina Herrera was in Kuwait for the store's official opening CH by Carolina Herrera (I think! or was it a launch of a new perfume?).


serenade said...

she was in bahrain too,,, :)

Bahrain Fashion said...

Cool.. I didn't know about it?!

hellwafashion said...

haha, how funny she was in Dubai too. Also didn't know about it until the day after she left! How is it that bloggers sit front row at D&G in Milan & yet website owners and bloggers here have no idea when someone like that is in the region!!

hellwafashion said...

did a mini survey in Dxb - newspapers knew she was here.
can't wait till the day PR co's/fashion industry in GCC, wakes up to the fact that online is the way fwd (if I'm still alive!) lol!

Anonymous said...

yeah they sent private invitations for members of Habchi%chalhoub advantage club 2 weeks prior to the visit
and she was there for the fall/winter 2009 collection, the store was opened loong ago

serenade said...

my sis got an invite through one of the shops,, not sure which one...

Confashion said...

did you get to see her? Or was she publically interviewed?

Bahrain Fashion
Same here :/

The concept of involving bloggers and online portals to press announcements is fairly new to this region I guess, we shouldn’t be surprised. But I can't help it :P

Interesting.. Thanks for sharing..

Cashmere 'n' High Heels said...

Local bloggers are off limits to entrepreneurs, for starters get their names right, - that was Carolina Adriana; muse and collaborator on the 212 men fragrance. One of the other daughters is based at the NY design office (Patricia Lansing). Prior to inducting the etiquette protocol of interviewing a celebrity/designer/hot shots – arrangements are conducted from their home base; where publicists circle around a hefty net of worthy PR within relation and limited time frame during the stay in each country.

Few international bloggers get invited to such events because apart from the crucial part that they can identify people by their full name, use spell check, also refrain from two words that equal death kisses "it" & "fashionista" – they are also serving the fashion business immensely.

Anonymous said...

FYI Cash/Heels

Carolina Adriana is known by the media as Carolina Herrera Jr

Anonymous said...

oooh anon, passive aggressive much non? make that industry as well. now go hop on a treadmil to rid off negative energy


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