Sunday, November 8, 2009

Blazer It

It's not too hard to find strong exaggerated shoulders on blazers now a days, they're everywhere! But as I mentioned before, I didn't find ones that closely resemble the dimensions of the Balmain shoulder. Not until yesterday that is! I spotted a sequined fitted blazer at TopShop with exaggerated shoulder detail. I actually liked the fit, but the all over harlequin pattern sequins were a bit too much. Price tag? KD 56.5


Mrs F said...

Love the cut! shame about the print though :/

1001Nights said...

I wish they had instead created harem pants with dark navy sequins and left the jacket plain black but with structured shoulders, that woulda captured the Balmain effect a lot better. This jacket is really loud and hard to carry. I don't know about this sequins thing. I saw a girl with a sequined top the other day - GORGEOUS - but whenever I think of buying one I feel like I'm gonna look SO loud. I dunno Confashions... I just don't know anymore.

Anonymous said...

very circus/clown theme

AZM said...

Actually I find the jacket attractive quite.

Styling it with simple cut uber skinny jeans or leather leggings (the ones without the glossy shine!) and black super high heels and you're good to go :-)


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