Saturday, October 10, 2009

More From Soho

So back to Soho. First of all, I don't know what the fuss's all about with Pinkberry. Tried it in Soho and it was mediocre. Does it really need to occupy such a huge space in The Avenues?!

Next to Pinkberry was a really funny and cute place that only sells rice puddings in every imaginable flavor you can think of called Rice to Riches. And it's opposite to Lombardi's Pizza (the best in NYC, see photo below). I've tried the cappuccino flavored rice pudding and it was heavenly but I only had a few bites as the portion was huge and it was heavy.

Rice to Riches had the funniest quotes and slogans all over their small store. My favorite is the one hung on the door shown above.

I passed by New York’s most famous vintage clothing store, Resurrection boutique. The last time I have been there I got some nice evening pieces. This time, I was disappointed, not many interesting pieces. The only thing that was appealing was the vintage Maxi Chanel bag in black and some Chanel accessories. Better luck next time maybe...

Nikki Laura boutique in SoHo is one of the coziest stores in NYC. The interior is all white, pink, and inviting. The sales assistants are beyond helpful and friendly. The boutique has a nice selection of cool local designers and a few eccentric ones. There are many boutiques worth visiting in Soho which I didn't have the time to take photos of unfortunately. So if you're planning to go there, you'd probably need around 4-5 hours of boutique hopping.


The Boudoir. said...

Soho rocks!
This rice pudding parlor looks so good! and its owner is really smart to open such a place as ive never seen this anywhere before.i so love rice pudding!
The big buzz bout pinkberry is crazy,i still didnt see the place but ive seen it when it was still covered..the owner knows q8ties very well! u just need mawqi3 7ilu and bring in any cafe/rest. even if the food tastes like paper and its guaranteed that people will b flocking from everywhere!;p

Noura said...

Heyyy im in new york right now! luv ur blog by the way, i've been to pinkberry and rice o riches luuuuv them both so much, lombardi's is over rated, good but not the best pizza in nyc as they say! theres this little place after lombardi's called BREAD its a cute cafe with the best bread and olive spread, we always go there for a coffee break! another place near by this area which is a must try is cafe habana, its a cuban place, with the best mexican corn ever!!!!!!!! topped with cheese and their own seasonings yuuummm, u must try ittt!!!! omg soho does rock! i was there 2day afternoon it wazz soo crowded but coool! any other hotspots around new york that u can think of??? im here for another week, would love any suggestions thankzzz

Confashion said...

The Boudoir
You're totally right..

Check out Kirna Zabete, very glam designer boutique. The MoMa, guggenheim museum, Broadway shows, The Mercer Kitchen at Mercer Hotel... There are so many things to do in NYC! LOVE IT! :)

Itsallg000d said...

The movie Hitch had a scene in rice to riches ... I've had rice pudding before but heard this one is special. Do you think it would be a hit in Kuwait?


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