Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Marvelous Morris

OK right, so obviously I'm obsessed with shoes. BUT I made a resolution not to buy more than 2-3 pairs of shoes per season. Especially when I started having some shoe storage issues. So far so good. And THEN something very typical happened to me. After several weeks of solitude, I discovered a new shoe brand which I absolutely have to have my hands on. The brand is called: Chrissie Morris. Enough said. Take a look at my favorite pieces of the collection.


Anonymous said...

wowooooow me likeeeeeeeeeey :)

1001 Nights said...

That first one is gorgeous! And they all seem to have platforms to lessen the bend on your foot I love that!

(Regarding your shoe obsession, if it makes you feel any better I read that Mrs. Marcos, wife of a former president of the Philippines, had over a thousand pairs of shoes. She opened a museum to show 220 of them.)

Anonymous said...

are they available in kuwait? and if so where?
Thank u

Terza Stella said...

those are some fine fine shoesss!!
hope u satisfy ur obsession with them ;)


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