Thursday, September 17, 2009

Donate Your Clothes

If your closet is bursting with barely worn clothing, shoes, and accessories, turn your clutter into charity, and make room for your next season's purchase. A friend has introduced me to the place to go to when you do your closet detox. The place is called "Spring Flows Est." and they take designer clothes in very good shape, clean them, and re-sell them at their second-hand store. Most items are international brands, but there are some non-designer stuff. ALL proceeds go to charity (which for some reason I forgot to ask which one because I trust the owner). Anyhow, so I went there the other day and it took me ages to find the place (I suggest you call them first for clear directions). It's located somewhere close to Fahad Al-Salim Street, Kuwait City. The place is semi-spacious and was packed with Americans and Europeans hunting for designer bargains. I swear one American lady got an authentic vintage quilted Chanel flap bag (the jumbo size) for KD 10 ONLY!!! You should have seen the shock on my face! I had a strong urge to snatch the bag from her hands and run away with it!! I was amazed when I've found the following designer items sold for really cheap prices.. such as..

YSL trench coat KD 40

Prada brocade top KD 22

Philip Lim Pea coat KD 40.

Rohka cropped jacket KD 20

ChloƩ studded bag KD 20

Balenciaga white City Motorcycle Bag KD 20

Spring Flows Est is located at Al Dahla Building, Exchange Market, opposite to Municipallty Garden. For any inquiries, please call (+965) 2247-0617.


..Smoked up said...

woow really impressive! im glad something like this is starting in kuwait

NMS said...

LOL she's sooo lucky mashalla!! (The american lady;p)
great info thanks!

Glitter said...


Who - in their right mind- would give up their chanel bag?!!!

Budour said...

That's a fantastic idea! I didn't think we would have something like this in Kuwait.

Anonymous said...

she must've thought wow those arabs are rich and dumb

Hellwafashion said...

lol! Americans and Europeans hunting for bargains, haha so true, if I lived in Kuwait I'd be there for sure!

Sn3a said...

i think kel l q8 kanaw eb hal mokan l yom;p

thanx 3al m3loma
fe mkan chethee eb thailand
madree shesma bs l ajaneb z7ma 3alaih
7atta sa3at shopard a9leya ebee3 m3a el certificate o garantee o kel shay o tgdreen ta5thenha o tet2akkedain men ay mokan enha a9leya

which makes me wonder laish ma 5athait'ha hehehehe

Anonymous said...

waaaaaay met mn ethe7ik 3ala hlamrikya:p si7 7thaithan 3ala golt-hom
ooo thank you so much for this post
you always impress me with your findings

Anonymous said...

it's good we have something like this. i remember selling a prada bag in the US to the same kinda store.

all the clothes pictures are so so but the balenciaga bag for KD 20... DAMN!

Al-Kout said...

So basically its a vintage shop!!

lilly said...

so i told my mther about this and she was excited oo was like yal 5anshoof yimkin inlagi shay 7ilw.
fa ri7na, awal shay it took us SO long, zahma oo ilmara 3al telephone mawitatna mi ilthik7k itgollna huwa jamb ilkushk ya madame ilkushk." dashaina and there was absolutly nothing, i think everyone mst of have come, it was really bad.

Golden Pink said...

LoL i agree with glitter! WHO WOULD give up their chanel bag!! ya3ni ok malaitai minha pass it on to someone u know or ur daughter or something..

bs the prices are cheap!

miss ghesquiere said...

I have that same prada top

Confashion said...

Aljazi/smoked up
Me too.. and I hope to see more of the same concept but more organized

I told her that ;)
ur welcome


Me neither!

I guess the older generations here in Kuwait didn't care enough to keep or store designer items as they didn't realise the value or such items. They toss old items to buy new ones. Now the younger generation is more aware of the value of such stuff and appreciate its value..

I would so hunt for a bargain if it was a KD 10 chanel bag! ;)

You have to be careful with watches.. I prefer buying them from the origional boutique :)

You're welcome ;)

Great finds from Frugal Fashionistas ;)

I would rather call it a salvation army store :)

The good stuff must have been sold out.. but it is an interesting place to visit. :)

Golden Pink
Prices were/are Unbelievable

miss G.
I remember that top when they sold it at Villa Moda.. it was a nice collection

america said...

It is a surprise coming from Kuwait ...and I am very very happy this is such a positive move.

dju*dju said...

this makes me want to go to kuwait asap! win-win for buyers and sellers and mother earth.

Anonymous said...

hey wer is this and wats the gsm of this place i would love to know.... thank you for posting this pic i love it... damn chanel for 10 kd lucky american lady !!! mashallah!!


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