Sunday, September 20, 2009

Blooming Chanel

I'm in love with the incredible constructs of paper roses, camellias, and leaf fronds that adorned Chanel's blooming window display at Salhiya Complex. I could stare at it for hours. How many hours did that installation take?!


mosha said...

I love <3 the camellias are major beauty <3

Anonymous said...

green chanel still available? price?

Confashion said...

same here ;)

I think it's still there.. and probably around KD 750... not sure though..

Erzulie said...

i LOVE the fact that you noticed that as well! i was at salhiya with a friend last thursday. we had just come out of the international mills store that's across from chanel. i remember squinting at the window display from afar before i grabbed my friend, "let me take a closer look at this." we were just standing there admiring the work when i said, "isn't it ironic that we're looking past chanel's clothes and ogling its window display instead?" :P but it seriously is beautiful and yes, i too thought about the amount of hours and effort it took; it IS all handmade (the whole thing is stapled in place!) :))


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