Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Autumn in New York

OK, I have so many things to share with you that I don't even know from where to begin! I stayed at the most stylish and tallest boutique hotel in the heart of Manhattan, The London NYC. The service was impeccable and you don't need to worry about bookings of any kind because with their internationally renowned concierge department, Quintessentially, you'll have access to any venue you wish to go to. And what appealed to me the most is the fact that it has the first Gordon Ramsay restaurant in the states (YUM!). I took some photos of the room, but they don't do the place justice. So click here for their official website photos.

After a long flight from London to the other London (NYC), a fashionista needs a "blissful" experience to unwind and re-energize for loooong shopping sprees ahead.

For a change of view and to try out new places, I had breakfast a couple of times at "Cafe Metro" which is located just around the corner from the hotel. They serve fresh and healthy food.

Times Square is so overrated. It's not my first time to be there . but since I was in NYC, might as well check out the latest animated neon ads and television-style signage in this area. I stayed there for a maximum of 10 minutes and fled.


Anonymous said...

didnt like cafe metro there is another salad bar that also serves fresh sandwiches on 54th and lex. ooh and DO NOT miss AVRA a greek restaurant btwn 3rd and lex. on 48th E =P eee o TAO!

Daddyz Girl said...

I stayed at this hotel last yr it was remarkable experience I love the hotel & city

Anonymous said...

OMG please show us more about ur exoerience! :)

vaya said...

Hi C, glad to c we share same tastes. I stayed there myself too last September. Impeccable hotel, great location and the room! Oh THE ROOM! the largest in NYC ;)

Terza Stella said...

Confashions plz plz we want to see more of ur shopping hunts .. :P

Confashion said...

They had really good organic soups (yum!). The problem with NY restaurants, they're either a hit or a miss. So I'll def try AVRA next time I'm there :)

Daddyz Girl
Siiigh.. me too! :)

Definitely! :)

That was exactly what I said to my friends and family! The room was just amazing in terms of space in NY!! VERY spacious.

Confashion said...

Terza Stella
More coming soon ;)

miss ghesquiere said...

i personally prefer the Gramercy Park hotel. SOOOO my style + im obsessed w julian schnabel so.. but im glad you had a great trip! i was there this summer... so humid!


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