Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gourmet Gurgai'an

Some of my relatives are on the look out for new ideas for Gurgai'an this year and are not too keen on the thought of distributing co-op bulk candy and nuts for this Ramadan's Gurgai'an (!!!). So I was taken by surprise when I was shopping around at Dean & Deluca and found some Gurgai'an samples. I was like "Whooha! Gourmet Gurgaia'an!!?! That would appeal to some!" They had small baskets of dried fruits, mixed nuts, dates filled with flavored something, and candies. So if you're interested, prices start at KD 2 per piece.

Dean & Deluca is located at the Avenues Phase II. For more information, please call (+965) 2224-2224.


Itsallg000d said...

I think that adults’ interference in gurgai'an has ruined this occasion. It became more about who with the best looking, highest quality, most expensive and decorative ones ... etc

Kids are no longer enjoying it! They find themselves suddenly dressed up with wired unpractical flashy clothes (some of those outfits are not even authentic Kuwaiti)

Thank you for the post :)

Ansam said...

Thats awesome... and its very well priced sara7a... I hope it does not defy the whole purpose of the real gergai3an!!! And Itsallg00d make a very valid point here!!!

Jewaira said...

I agree with the first comment

Adults stop ruining gergaian for the kids. so materialistic

Confashion said...

itsallg00d and Jewaira
I totally agree! The're using gurgaia'an to show off.. they forget the whole idea of having a gurgaia'an is to share and give.

Honestly, I thought they'd be pricer but not bad from a gourmet store..


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