Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bleach Babe

The return of the bleached denim brought back memories of my dreadful fashion in the 80's. But now Balmain, J Brand, and other designers introduced a modern versions of the bleach streaked denim.

I know a lot of my family and friends would cringe at the thought of wearing this trend. But I would like to try it out, I won't be paying a hefty price for a pair of Balmain (and a micro-trend) that's for sure. And I don't like the acid-wash print on these featured Zara jeans. But if I find the right pair, in price and quality, I would wear the denim with a neutral solid cotton knitted loose top.

If you're interested in the featured bleached jeans, it's from Zara for KD 21.500.


Teeman said...

honestly the jeans look awesome!

so umm.. yeah
since i just realised that you here at confashions from kuwait dont offer much for the mens section of fashion. Im just wondering if its possible to expand your mens section to offer the male bloggers that pass by overhere to stick with you and join you ...join Confashions!

YasmineElCharif said...

Hi Connie,
this acid wash trend is really getting to you babe! I remember your older posts regarding the matter! :) I just think with the right items, a key 'trendy' look could be worked to look extremely chic. But some trends arriving in Kuwait just can't be trendy here!

Teeman, what kind of posts would you like to see regarding menswear? trends/new arrivals/hair?

Teeman said...

well.. stuff like watches,bags,bracelets,jeans,shirts, suits and yeah hair would be awesome.
stuff like that you know

Zabo0o6a said...

O would sport a pair of these with a white shirt and a nice yellow/orange shoes but still icud'nt find my size :/

Confashion said...

Thank you for your recommendation. I'm not sure if I can cover the men's fashion as well. I'm pretty focused about women's. But it's def sth that I would consider in the future ;)

I know!!! I hated them before! I don't know why they're starting to appeal to me! gasp! :P
But seriously, now after seeing the different versions and styles of the acid/bleached denims out there... well.. why not.. :)

Well you can never go wrong with a good ol' classic white T. ;)

Aisha said...

I loved the jeans e99ara7a,, they look different and a bit similar to the BALMAIN jeans in the Autumn runway. i would definitely buy them,, by the way i love ur blog :)

Confashion said...

Thank you! And I love hearing (or reading for that matter) my reader's comments ;)

Anonymous said...

These are tie dye, not acid or bleached


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