Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Nod From Marie Claire

Ok so two days ago I got an MMS from my BFF that got me all giddy. It was a mobile shot of one of Marie Claire's pages (the Kuwaiti edition, July) mentioning my blog as one of the Kuwaiti female blogs worth reading. I'm more than thrilled that Marie Claire not only took the time to look at my little haven/creation, but the fact that they highlighted the diligent effort of fellow Kuwaiti female bloggers, congrats to you all. And thank you Marie Claire for appreciating our efforts.


serenade said...

congrats babe, you deserve it ;*

may said...

Congratulations! You deserve it ;)

om comment kuwait said...


you really deserve it

kcal said...

Mabrook mabrook mabroook ;* so proud of all our kuwaiti talents

and again mabrook ;p

AZM said...

Big big big congrats...
You deserve more...

You inspire few fashionistos ;-)

Alia said...

Waw ... we're famous ;)
now i have to check the issue myself
july issue u said??

Confashion said...

Thanks babe ;)

Thank you for your kind words :)

om comment Kuwait
Thank you so much :)

Same here! And allah ybarik feech :)

A big big big thank you ;)

Yes we are ;) congrats to you and all the female bloggers :)
Yes, it's the July issue.

7aneen said...

min sijjich >! everyone follows ur blog, its super amazing ;*

SD said...

MABROUK!!! sorry adree its late bs 7adii mestansa ena ur famous;p

Ansam said...

People at Marie Claire were calling me and convincing me to subscribe for one year! I gave in and did it... they even sent their messenger/mandoob to my workplace. And since then I only got 2 issues!!!!!! Your post reminded me to contact them!


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