Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Closet Detox

The first step towards a more positive fashion outlook is some serious closet detox (aka decluttering). Not only do you make room for your Fall purchases, but also you give a chance for other fashionistas to make use of unwanted and barely used clothes and accessories. So I took advantage of the long weekend and worked on my closet. I didn't realize I had so many pairs of jeans in all shades of blue! And I have never worn the shoes featured in this photo (what a shame I know!). Why did I buy them in the first place?! Beats me!

Note to self: No need for boy-friend jeans in 3 almost identical colors!.


Even Sweeter said...

Good job! It's a must...
bs It is sooo hard to let go of my clothes! i am attached to everything living in my closet ;s

serenade said...

it's a wonderful feeling when you see your closet looking normal again.. not cluttered, it allows you to find clothes that you've forgetten which have been burried somewhere in your closet,, and it's an excuse to start shopping again ;) but more importantly, eid is coming up soon and there are many people out there who would appreciate your hardly worn clothes :*

Anonymous said...

hi everyone. i just came from my summer holiday and didn't prepare anything for ramadan!
any idea where i can find nice dara3as please ???

Anonymous said...

Anoymous ili fougi... although its too late now but try Darusha, Alia Al Hajri, and Aisha Al Fadil you might find something there;p

ansam518 said...

I need to do mine soon! I was looking forward to do it during this past long weekend but things always come up! Inshalla this weekend! And since you never wore those choos! Do NOT give them away! Wear them! 7aram!

Anonymous said...

Loooooooooove the jeans .. they look awesome 7aram to through them away..btw what brand are they?

Confashion said...

Even Sweeter
Believe me, I find it very very hard to let go of my loved purchases.. but if they haven't been used for quite some time (and not an investment pieces).. sadly they have to go away :(

I couldn't agree more :*

Try Aisha Al-Fadhel, or Glow Boutique: http://confashions.blogspot.com/2009/07/event-glow-boutique-ramadan-exhibition.html, or Villa Karizma (they have Shugar collection).

Thanks for sharing :)

I knooow :( But these Choos hurt sooo much! It's weird coz I have never had this problem with Choo before.

Seven, TopShop, and J brand

Anonymous said...

i love the red sandal ... yah i know the feeling of when u see things and u say OMG why did i buy this!!!

MisZBuF10 said...

I'm new to Kuwait and I don't know where to get rid of unused/barely used clothing, in California we have little consignment stores for designer clothes and goodwill for regular clothes.


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