Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another Lovely Day In New York City

More photos straight from NYC's Fifth Avenue, 57th and 58th streets to be exact. Window shoppers and modern art fanatics will fall in love with the window display of the unparalleled luxury retailer Bergdorf Goodman.

The American Visionary Art Museum has decorated the window displays and they have shipped more than 50 pieces from the museum’s permanent collection to appear on BD's 11 window displays. Some art pieces even made it to the sales floor as installations. Loved it!


sugar said...

Am here;P I saw it its amazing am waiting for the mega sale on the 4th great bargains:p I also loved the armani window I think on 5th avn.

serenade said...

i never imagined how much work was spent on those windows, or how important they are!

one time i saw a bag that i just had to have, it was sold out in the store except for the one on display at the window, it was such a hassle to get it, calling different people, that in the end i just walked out,,, it was as if i was begging for the bloody bag!

Yasmine said...

I LOVE IT! If you're making your way towards london you must check out the Selfridges anniversary shopping festival. By far, it is the ultimate experience in terms of an overall display of art. Amazing windows, art installations, in store events. Love it. :)


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