Middle East’s Best Kept Fashion Secret

When I was a little girl, I used to collect stickers (who didn’t!). My collection was impressive because I used to buy my stickers from Munich and Zurich and they were of the most unique types: scratch-and-smell stickers, velvety stickers, strawberry shortcake stickers…etc. Which were very hard to find in Kuwait if not non-existent. And what was even more annoying is the fact that I used to show off my precious collection to my cousins and friends at school. And when asked from where I got them, my memory magically and selectively chose not to mention the source.

That’s exactly how I felt when I first saw the gorgeous designs of Saudi designer Mohammad Ashi’s Fall/winter 2009 collection. I wanted to keep it all to myself. I wanted to purchase every piece I saw on the runway and hide it in my closet. But because his work is sooo amazing, it’s only fair to give such talent and creativity the publicity it deserves.

Mohammad Ashi has recently presented his first women’s prêt-a-porter fashion show for Fall/winter 2009 in Beirut. The collection is inspired by the gloomy and romantic image of blind young boy whose inability to see the world around him, only enhances his ability to feel its powerful forces, the fable of both a simple child's innocence and a complex look at faith and humanity. In an imaginary garden in black and white, full of followers and colors all too unfamiliar to the mind of a blind youth. All of these overwhelming images are translated into the Ashi collection, attempting to bring all of these unprecedented images to life through the use of luxurious and modern fabrics.

Mohammad Ashi attended a French design school and obtained his bachelor’s degree in three years. He then teamed up with Elie Saab to present an haute couture and ready to wear spring/summer 2006 collection. This was followed by working on autumn/winter 2006-07 collection as an assistant designer of accessories, including bags and shoes.

These photos are not enough, I want more more more! I can't wait to see his next collection. If you have any inquiries or you would like to get in touch with Mohammad Ashi, send an e-mail to ashistudio@gmail.com.


ME said…
eyanen eyanen eyanen
Lesly said…
simply amazing!!!
Delly said…
i luv!!!
Anonymous said…

I want the jumpsuit its fablous


its really worth keeping and not seeing
Anonymous said…
mashallah ! amazing !!!!
Anonymous said…
ahhh Munich;** I used to collect them to and yet till today I work and my pencil holder is filled with diddles pencil let alone their sticky notes and pens simply irrisistable;p
ScaryToes said…
realllly cute!
Hayona said…
amazing ! proud of u Ashi :D
Anonymous said…
Wayed 7olow , hatha wain mekana shloun an7asla ?