Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Hosiery With A Twist

If you're tired of your opaque and solid colored hosiery, then you might want to try out Bebaroque. Bebaroque is an extraordinary hosiery line handmade in Scotland for the very fashion forward. Pictured here is as sample of their work: theTuxx stockings. It is a beautiful sheer (15 denier) white stocking with luxury pleated grosgrain ribbon delicately hand sewn down the back of the legs.The pleated ribbon creates ripples and a 3D frilled edge which adds an unusual element. Beautiful with plain mini-skirts.

Bebaroque is currently sold at Liberty in the UK and Avenue Collection in Bahrain are the only ones who stock their line in entire Gulf region.


Anonymous said...

the Avenue Collection link is not working!

Avenue Collection said...

**Thank you Confashions for a wonderful post!!!
**Anonymous you can visit our fashion blog on www.avenuecollection.net for more information on Bebaroque.

Confashion said...

I fixed it :)

Avenue Collection
You are more than welcome. I actually like the Tuxx tights! And by the way, Bebaroque is also nomintaed this year for Scotish best accessories designer of the year. Hope they win 2nd time in a row :)


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