Sunday, May 31, 2009

November Rain

Am I the last one to know that November's bakery has moved out from Villa Karizma and that now Villa Karizma have their own cafe? I think so!

Looking Smoking Hot

One of my favorite pieces at Al Othman which I forgot to mention yesterday is this Peter Pilloto dress. I'm in love with the original rich Smokey print and colourful beading detail on the shoulders. Perfect for small family weddings or for formal receptions. Go easy on the accessories as you want this piece to stand out without being too busy or trying too hard. I think I need a new pair of heels now!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Al Othman's Sale Top Picks

Last night I found out about Al Othman's end of season sale through their addictive blog, so naturally, I dropped by the store tonight to feed my other incurable addition (aka shopping!). Of course the store never disappoints! It had a beautiful selection of the most sought-after items from the best brand names in the world. So I'd like to share with you my favorite sale picks.

Christopher Kane yellow skirt with scallop detail

Sinha-Stanic's printed 3/4 sleeves dress, would look smashing with a pair of orangish/reddish lace-up peep toe booties

Sophie Theallet white shirt dress with colored ribbon detail, ideal for brunch with the girls paired with a boho luxe bag

Proenza Schouler orange strappy sandals

Proenza Schouler dirty pink snake skin flats are around KD 132 after the discount

Devi Kroell python skin belt with huge squarish buckle, this will easily take you from summer to winter

What are your favorite sale picks from Al Othman's end of season sale?

Friday, May 29, 2009

Turkish Delight

I found these beautiful gold plated earrings with red embroidery detail at the orient shop (forgot it's name!) next to Starbucks at the airport. Perfect to wear with my Ramadan's kaftans. I think they were around KD 12. I think it's made in Turkey. There was also a nice collection of jewellery and accessories using precious stones by a Turkish designer. It's worth checking out.

Tattoo No No!

I saw these tattoo sleeves at Debenhams, the airport branch, a while back. They're printed nylon sleeves that cover your entire arm to give the illusion of a tattooed arm. Very tacky! I forgot to post about them, until a few days back when I was brutally reminded of them when I saw a Kuwaiti guy wearing them. THE HORROR!! For the love of god! Please puuhleeeeze don't work out this trend!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Burberry Day in New York‏

New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg has declared today, Thursday 28 May, as Burberry Day in New York. The proclamation coincides with the official lighting of the Burberry sign across the iconic Manhattan skyline, which will take place this evening during an event hosted by Burberry Chief Executive Angela Ahrendts and Burberry Creative Director Christopher Bailey for over 300 guests.

Guests will gather to watch the Burberry logos on top of the new Burberry Americas Headquarters at 444 Madison Avenue, being lit for the first time.

Burberry is also pleased to announce today that a $500,000 commitment to the Robin Hood Foundation to support public education and job training for underprivileged New Yorkers is being made by The Burberry Foundation, a committed charity organisation to help young people realise their dreams and achieve their goals and potential through their power and creativity.

Sweet & Spicy

First of all, my apologies for the bad quality photo, it was taken from my mobile. This photos was featured in last month's issue of Adam & Eve, a local lifestyle monthly magazine. The reason why I'm posting this is because I was thrilled and impressed to see Louis Vuitton's Spicy heels featured in a local interview with Kuwaiti equestrienne Dalal Al-Buaijan. Now whether the spicy heels are owned by the equestrienne or provided by the brand for the photo shoot, either way, it was refreshing to see one of the season's most sought after accessory featured in a local photo shoot.

Miss Selfridge At The Avenues

In case you haven't heard. Miss Selfridge is now open at The Avenues...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Flights Of Fancy

Boudoir D'huîtres
is a new high end women's label based in New York and created by Mimi Plange. She designs highly wearable looks for the modern and stylish woman. Boudoir D'Huîtres Fall 2009 collection "Flights Of Fancy" features the house’s trademark trench coats, bold colors, lots of volume, and a whole lotta of attitude. Thanks to the designer's press office for introducing me to this brand. Here are my favorite looks..

For more information on Boudoir D'huîtres, log onto

Spooky Stylish Skulls

The best gifts come in the smallest packages. Wooohoo, I'm over the moon. So sistaaaa, I also like this pearl necklace with diamond encrusted skulls (hint hint).

Delfina Delettrez's Jewelry exhibition at Al-Sabah Art Gallery has to be one of my favorites so far, needless to say that it's a fashion related exhibition. I loved how this beautiful and stylish designer is inspired by animals, skulls, and everything spooky using gold, silver, pearls, precious stones, and diamonds. Beyond beautiful and beyond unique. This exhibition is a MUST SEE! Tomorrow is their last day. Go go gooooo!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Event: Virtue Boutique Exhibition

Virtue Boutique invites you to its exhibition today Tuesday 26 May and Wednesday 27 May from 5:30 to 9 in Beit Badra. Enjoy the summer collection of Gerard Yosca Jewelry and Abas Clutches. For more info please call (+965) 9990-0087 or 9990-0047.

Virtue Boutique is an up and coming online store that carries unique pieces from different designers which will hopefully launch by the end of September. Watch this spot to get their updates.

Event: SAS - an exhibition of vintage kaftans & limited art pieces & more

Please join Sabikah Al-Sabih for an exclusive exhibition of vintage Turkish kaftans, limited paintings by a renowned Turkish artist, and a collection of exquisite art pieces. The event will be held at Beit Badra Tuesday & Wednesday 26th & 27th of May 2009 Timing: 9:30am-1:30pm & 5:30pm-9:00pm.

Finding Louboutin

I usually get my Loubs fix from Al Othman, so it was nice to see a different collection of Loubs at MaxMara boutique in Salhiya Complex.

New Hosiery With A Twist

If you're tired of your opaque and solid colored hosiery, then you might want to try out Bebaroque. Bebaroque is an extraordinary hosiery line handmade in Scotland for the very fashion forward. Pictured here is as sample of their work: theTuxx stockings. It is a beautiful sheer (15 denier) white stocking with luxury pleated grosgrain ribbon delicately hand sewn down the back of the legs.The pleated ribbon creates ripples and a 3D frilled edge which adds an unusual element. Beautiful with plain mini-skirts.

Bebaroque is currently sold at Liberty in the UK and Avenue Collection in Bahrain are the only ones who stock their line in entire Gulf region.

Bahrain Fashion Week - Update

Bahrain Fashion Week will run from 28th - 30th May at Moda Mall's Jewellery Court, and will combine European and Eastern fashion with some local talent. Woohoo! Kudos to Bahrain!

Update: You can purchase tickets of the event at Creme Boutique. Please click on the above image for further details.

So when's our turn?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Let Me Tell You A Secret

Meemo's Secrets, a local business of customized hand-painted postcards, luanched a new line of artwork, unique book marks with fresh style accented with a touch of glitter, leather strings, and satin ribbons. Very cute gift to fashion-atic bookworms.

For orders, please contact them via email at, oe call (+965) 9985-2332.

Event: Essa's Trunk Show At Villa Moda

On the subject of Essa, last Friday Villa Moda held a trunk show for the brand previewing their clients with a celebration of a collection based on the holy month of Ramadan. It was a private event for VIP ladies only. The accessories used in the event are from the brands carried at Villa Moda. The Essa's pieces are now on display for the public. Here's a sneak peak of the event.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pretty Girl

It seems that girly girl hair accessories are all the rage. I got this by e-mail from the owner of Andrea's Beau, an brand that sells a collection of hair ornaments for women and girls. You can check them out here.

Essa's In Town

Essa boutique recently opened in Villa Moda Shuwaikh next to Marni boutique. Essa, of Indian origin, was born and bred in the UAE and is known for its color crazy traditional kaftans with a modern twist. Vibrant chiffons, found vintage fabrics, and silk and lace, are just some of the materials that he works together to enhance the feminine form on his colorful gowns, frocks, tops and dresses. Some of his Kaftan designs would make the perfect choice for Ramadan's ghabga.

Essa’s path to fashion notoriety began following studies at the more flamboyant end of fashion: a degree in costume design preceded his return to his native Sharjah where he trained as a pattern cutter with the skilled tailors in neighboring Dubai. He sold his creations through XVA Gallery in Dubai and started to build a business on one-off commissions from fans. But it was a fortuitous meeting with Zayan Ghandour owner of Sauce boutique in Dubai that really put Essa on the local fashion map. Ghandour’s initial request for six pieces sold out the moment they hit her shop’s floor and he had to quickly up his production ante to cope with growing demand.

Essa is available at Sauce Dubai and Abu Dhabi, DNA in Riyadh, Mahat Jeddah and Zai Doha.

Sugar For My Honey

I also got this by e-mail, for all the yummy mommies out there, if you have a cute little girl with fine hair you probably have trouble finding clips that are strong enough to not slip and soft enough to not snag her hair.

Lil’ Sugarplum hair clips have a velcro grip to help them stay put. They are also super-cute. With many styles to choose from, Get them here.

Event: Victoria Casal Jewellery

Victoria Casal, jewellery brand all the way from Paris will be hosting an exhibition of the brand's collection of rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, and more from May 25th - 31st, 10 am - 1 pm and 5:30 pm - 10:30 pm at The Exhibition

The Exhibition
is located to the left of Slider Station on 'The Strip' Across from AlSeef Palace, Jibla .Tel# (+965) 9406-6226.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Introducing Ms. Shields

I got introduced to a new shoes brand called Eileen Shields by its rep. Shields' shoes have been described by British Vogue as "delectable … that rarest of things: high concept, yet completely unpretentious." Eileen Shields footwear is ideal for chic day wear and for intelligent and stylish working women who love modern desings. Shields worked for Donna Karan International in New York for over a decade. Since 2007, Shields has collaborated with Maria Cornejo, producing the footwear collection for Zero+Maria Cornejo. Shields has also had her shoes featured in the 'Sex and the City' movie. I picked out 3 of my favourite designs from her collection. They look sooo comfy and pretty at the same time.


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