Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In The News...

  • Final sale of Hermès Shoulder Birkin was closed at GPB 4,300. Congrats to the winning bidder.

  • I just found out through Al Othman’s blog who the lucky winners of Al Othman’s “Fashion Buyer For A Day” were, Haya Al-Omar and Fajer Al-Hulail. I’m very much interested to know which pictures were chosen by the winners. I think Hervé Léger designs can be tough to choose from. So congrats girls! Better luck next time for moi..


Anonymous said...

Mabrouk fajer ;*

Anonymous said...

wait i thought you are working with othman? wallah i was sure i heard from someone

Anonymous said...

why wud she work with othman? confashions is fabulous i dont think she needs to group up with anyone!

plus i think Othman started a blog just like this one just to keep up! I think Villa moda will be probably be next as well!!!

Anonymous said...

uhm, me too I heard she is at alothman shop. both blogs have the same idea and some pictures here and there happens too be the same.
if it is true why keep it all hush hush? kkuwait is small and rumurs go around so quickly.
if it is not true can someone name me the buying team at othman then?


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