Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Here.. There.. and Everywhere..

  • Kudos to all the super stylish ladies I saw at AUK’s Comedy Show last night. I almost pulled a Kuwaiti version of the Sartorialist.
  • Gaaaasp! Am I really in Kuwait?! How often do we Kuwaiti Fashionistas get the chance to meet a well known international designer such as Behnaz Sarafpour in flesh and blood in our home town, aaaand at our (my) favorite shopping destination in Kuwait?! Behnaz will be at Al Othman Thursday, April 16 from 11am till 1pm.

  • GCC Fashion Invasion? I LOVE seeing people from this region getting involved and excelling in one of the toughest retail industries around, fashion. Saudi Designer Ghada Al Rashid completed a double Masters in international Marketing and Business before studying at London College of Fashion and now she has her own label, GHADAH Couture, of evening gowns which were recently shown at Paris Fashion Week. Ghada was also featured in Vanity Fair Italy March 09 pictured above (Thanks Ansam for the info).

  • Another GCC Fashion icon is Khalid AlQasimi who presented his creations of men and women's wear at London Fashion week. His label, Qasimi, exude opulence and attention to detail. I couldn’t find his profile on his website, but according to the e-mail I have received, Al Qasimi is from Sharga, UAE.


Anonymous said...

If I want to buy is clothes where can I find them?

Bahrain Fashion said...

I want to go to airport (right now) and book a flight to Kuwait to meet the New York Darling, Behnaz Sarafpour :) Sooo exciting!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hermes 3indom webcite?

Anonymous said...

Confashions check out this website http://q8yat.net/showthread.php?t=347980

Someone is copying your posts & pictures!

Confashion said...

AnonymousYour best bet is to send him an e-mail by visiting his website and see where his stockists are.

Bahrain fashionYou should come here.. it would be an unforgetable experience.

AnonymousYes. www.hermes.com. But dont expect to buy a kelly or a birkin online!

AnonymousThank you so much for keeping it in the know. Well.. very unprofessional of her. She should be ashamed to take all the credit of my dedicated work.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

omg! Khalid is so cute.. Any1 haz hiz email..?plzzz!!!


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