Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Devil Wears Balmain

Yes my dear fashionistas, the legendary Balmain jacket with strong square shoulders was right there in front of me at Al Othman. It was love at first sight (which, only exists in fashion!). Pure magnificence.. Pure power… Pure Balmain. My fave is the plain one. Hated the military and the embellished ones.

Al Othman is located at Mariam Complex, Salem AlMubarak St, Salmiya. For inquires, please call (+965) 2-575-4954.


Anonymous said...

price tag on the white one ?

Aishah said...

WOW that is a piece of art...
But with Balmain and such a tailored piece price tag is important :)

Bahrain Fashion said...

They are really beautiful. They should be kept in an art gallery ;)

miss ghesquiere said...

shda3waaa.. tara wayid wayid ga6een 3ala il nass o msaween balmain shay that its not! its just riding its momentary uniqueness in the fashion world as a newly-reinvented trashy-luxe brand. although they do have some nice stuff, its not all that. IMHO

BeBe said...

i love the military jacket !

miss ghesquiere said...

i meant ga9een. im just a mess of typos these days!

Confashion said...

Anonymous & AishahI think around KD 800

Bahrain FashionWell I think now they made their mark in fashion history

Miss ghesquiereIn todays fashion's super fast pace, it means something when every fashion media in the world feature Balmain's creations.

BebeI didn't like Balmain's :)

Anonymous said...

Agreed with miss ghesquiere.
the shoulders are a comeback from a variety of designers mainly margiela who STILL does them.
i suggest any true fashionista to check his MMM collection out specially the anniversary collection ;)
balmain is way overpriced no matter how much money one has got, it is rather uncool and bad taste nowadays to spend that much on something that carine, emanuelle et al endorse religiously.
christophe needs a knock on his head so does balmains CEO if they wanna ONE DAY make any profit

jooosa said...

this simply stands out as a tribute to the king.. michael jackson! remember his weird suits and jackets.. how Balmain is that?
Actually on a more serious note, I loooove the defined cuts of the whole collection. It totally embodies the attitude we need to adapt in these hard times, strong cuts and bold lines!


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