Monday, April 20, 2009

CCF: Shape Of My Heart

Fashion is subjective and is all about personal style. To me, fashion should be fun. And that’s why I was all for the “jumpsuit” look last year. Mind you, at the beginning I thought that the jumpsuit was just another short lived trend, but it dominated the s/s fashion runways of Derek Lam, Stella McCartney, Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen, and Chloe to name a few..

The jumpsuit can be tricky contraption if not paired with the right accessories. And if you find one that looks good on you (yes it does exist) it should be very easy accessorizing it. Here I’m featuring a jumpsuit which I found at TopShop. Clinch your waist with a wide belt for some definition and wear an eye catching pair of high heels. And maybe you can add a fun accessory like this KD 7 mock-crock heart shape chain bag from Forever 21. A Credit Crunch Friendly outfit for less than KD 50.


AZM said...

I've grown to liking jump suits, but you really need to have a nice fit body to pull them off.
I mean you do not want big thighs and a flat "behind" in a jump suit.

I've seen an orange jump suit shorts at Paul&Joe Sister that sexy, even if paired with black leggings!

Erzulie said...

i actually saw a fantastic pair at a store in kuwait. they're silky and sort of dark beige, so they sort of drape. they look amazing when i wore them but i didn't know what kind of shoes would go best with such an outfit.

any suggestions?

Confashion said...

AZMbaggy jumpsuites are perfect for skinny people, but if the girl is more on the curvaceous side, jumpsuits with waist definition would look perfect.

ErzulieYou have to wear them with over the top kind of heels and preferably chunky like KG, Givenchy, Loubs, Jimmy Choo, Pierre Hardy..etc

Anonymous said...

Can I find this jumpsuit at Topshop today? Or have you seen it from a while?

Confashion said...

I saw it a few days back.. I can't guarantee you will find it today though :\

ScaryToes said...

I love the jumpsuit, hate the bag!


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