Thursday, April 16, 2009

CCF: Bananarama

Can you believe that these pointed flats are from Banana Republic?! They’d look very chic worn with A-line dresses and cropped pants on and off working hours. Flats feature a patent leather band detail on the front and come in light grey and black. Price tag? KD 23.500.


Sn3a said...

i love them!
i love to see you in a fashion programme
you just know what to wear even when we don't agree at some choices it depends on our tastes

Ansam said...

I like'em and like the price tag on them! Thanks

wildalchemy said...

I like them too, and their price tag! Have not been able to find funky-pointy shoes to wear with skinnies lately here... and that is frustrating for a flat-shoe girl like moi :( so if you find more keep me in mind and please post! Thanks so much!!!

PS still looking for an owner for the bottegas:)

AZM said...

Well, that's nice from The BANANA~!

Bahrain Fashion said...

How nice! Banana Republic can be very chic sometimes!

Confashion said...

Sn3aThank you ;)

AnsamAnytime :)

wildalchemyHopefully you will ;)

AZM & Bahrain FashionI know! Not bad at all!


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