Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cacharel’s Statue of Liberty

Cacharel 50th anniversary limited collection is now being sold at Cacharel’s boutique at Arraya complex and Al Thurraya complex. The collection consists of archive pieces reworked in their original Liberty floral prints and original retro patterns but on modern designs. Cacharel and Liberty originally collaborated in the late 1960s, producing a Cacharel designed blouse in a Liberty print. Liberty prints are also being used by Gap and Kate Moss’s TopShop collection.

To me, the collection was a bit of a disappointment. It looked mediocre and … blah! I liked the prints and Cacharel’s cotton belts though. It would have looked smashin’ if the designs were re-worked in a very modern way rather than a “Little House on the Prairie” kind of way.


AZM said...

Anything with a "Little House On The Prarier" refrence needs to get exterminated!

Anonymous said...

love liberty, not a fan of their prints though.

sad for cacharel

Anonymous said...

just to remind you guys this liberty print edition is limited only for their 50 anniversary not for a regular s/s collection designs, thats why u can refer it 2 littlle house on the ... :-) it was also 50 years ago. the rest of the collection is nice

hey anonymous, dont be sad. they have new designers for the next A/W collection.

so glad for cacharel:-)


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