Saturday, April 11, 2009

Acid Do Or Acid Don't

When I first saw the acid, washed out, faded jeans sneakily cropping up the fashion runway I freaked out. The least flattering type of jeans ever invented (and the cruelest to your...derrier excuse moi) is what’s in now! Yikes!

I cringed again when I saw them at TopShop the other day but I took a deep breath, picked my size, and tried them on. And to my surprise, they didn’t look as bad as I imagined. Actually, when I paired them with a fitted blazer and strappy heels, they looked quite decent.. Slightly Balmain-ish if I attach shoulder pads to the blazer jacket, but no I didn’t buy them because I’m convinced that this is just another short lived trend.

Anyways, if you choose to pull off this trend, for the love of god, don’t do the big hair, hot pink lipstick, and a matching washed out denim jacket combo! That would be an acid overkill.


Sn3a said...


Bahrain Fashion said...

Confashions, Im loving your latest posts! :)


zuz said...

when i saw it at balmain show, it looked okay with the amazing blazers but i just wouldnt dare!

Anonymous said...

hate this trend

definitely a dont

very geezee

Delicately Realistic said...

no way am I ready to say bye bye to my dark blues !

Anonymous said...

OH GOD NOOOO! was never a fan of acid jeans .... they are just a big NO

Erzulie said...

never say never! and hey, isn't every trend short-lived anyway? i was born in the 80's i.e. never wore those things BUT i think that they make look neat with a spot on ensemble. and like some trends, i think this one suits the svelte crowd.

AZM said...

Love the 80's very very much.
But acid washed jeans, I don't.

The reason people were into the Balmais pair was because of the beautifull jacket. I believe people were into "the look" rather than the acid jeans themselves.

ScaryToes said...

i hate them! but i saw Victoria beckham wearing the balmain one with a leather blazer just like you said and it looked decent, but still i wouldnt even consider it! did you end up buying it?


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