Saturday, March 21, 2009

Encode: Decode

I got an e-mail from one reader and I wish I saw it earlier, it was about an exhibition held by graphic designer, Ali A. Cha'aban. He is best known for his digitally created pop art-esque work. I love his work this time more than the previous time. If someone is interested to purchase some of his work, who should we contact?
Encode: Decode is the follow-up to Ali's previous successful exhibition, AC ART. Encode: Decode emphasizes on every art piece having or revolving around a central notion, but the main idea is left to the viewer's disposal. In other words, you end up conjuring your own story or pattern of ideas.


Anonymous said...


Ali A. Cha'aban said...

I'm always glad to see people interested in my work.
Too bad my exhibition is over; however there are some pieces that are still for sale.
If need of any questions or purchasing any piece, my number is +9793 7853.

Thank you again,

Butter said...

Oh my God, amazing items. Thumbs up Mr. Ali.
Love love love

NMS said...

Ali is amazingly talented graphic designer, no doubt about it ;)
keep it up .. xoxo

Anonymous said...

are you blind? or just colorblind?
yes his work is new.. But copypaste paintings considered art now?!

Ali A. Cha'aban said...

This is directed to the last Anon. comment, true these are images that are not made by me, however these images are scanned from books and illustrations purchased by me, and even pictures that I have taken. So clearly I have abided by every copyright law.
Yet one thing you should know, I don't proclaim myself as an artist on the contrary it's obvious in all my work that it has advertisement influences, (which is my major and what I study). My work that is considered "art" is literally what I like doing in my leisure, hence it's my hobby.
So in order to not get those two distinctions mistaken, I am an advertiser that likes to create images that have "messages" encoded in them; not an "Artist" that illustrates his work for professional reasons.
Yet if you have criticism to do with my work, I'm all ears in fact I appreciate them because they help me point out my mistakes. Yet please direct your comment on an actual thing and not a "notion."
For those who actually appreciate my work, I thank god that there are people that understand and value my work to the point they considered art. I love their support, it does wonders.
Thank you,

NMS said...

To anonymous who thinks am blind ..
listen whoever you are, am not talking only about il images elle ib his exhibition, I know Ali personally and ive seen some of his other work (Ads o pictures)n i loved it! so yeah i really think that he's AMAZINGLY TALENTED graphic designer ..
o btw mala daa3i ilta3leeq 3al other comments.. ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS :)


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