Monday, March 30, 2009

Dancing Around Town

I gasped and almost jumped for joy when I saw with these funky retro pink and black leather brogues from TopShop for less than KD 30. I swear to god that a few weeks back I was thinking why hasn’t anyone designed brogues in funky feminine colors?! Like pink or in neon patent leather. Now that I’ve found these, all I can think of is "I want to dance to some James Brown music!", Don’t ask me why! Anyways, buy these brogues for the ultimate uber-chic look.


Anonymous said...

Heyy confash,
This is Kuwait not London or NYC; U cant just wear shoes like that!!!; where do u think u live??
jeez,, ppl here are way more conservative!

HTKH said...

it's not living in a conservative country like kuwait, it's about whether that's your taste in shoes or not.

personally, i think they're ugly. then again, that's just my taste in shoes.

miss ghesquiere said...

um.. hahah first anon, so behind. ma 3alaich confash i love them. i've had my yellow ones from Solea from harrods for years now. and i have some from H&M and just got a rubber pair from Alex Herchcovitch/Melissa. They are the BEST!
oh and im sorry in this "conservative country" you can walk around in giant pilettos that make you look like a hooker but you cant wear nice shoes?

Anonymous said...

Conservative? Why, do you have to go out naked when wearing these shoes? Please, get a life. Ugh, I hate ignorant, close-minded people like you.

Anonymous said...

Im Anon#1

to HTKH: why don't you try walking in these shoes in the avenues; trust me fingers will be pointed, but now if you talk a walk on 14th street, NY, no one would care.

to miss...: so behind, your mom!
seriously; i ddint say they look like hooker shoes, but they are too much for kuwait. People are so into others' businesses. Its like so, ugghhh, i dont understand kuwait

btw i live in kuwait; but im from singapore.

Anonymous said...

Im anon #1

Im not close minded; kuwait is close minded wahahaha

Confashion said...

anonymous 1
Thanx for your opinion.
When it comes to my personal fashion choices, I don’t really care what other people might think. Especially when it comes to shoes.. AND flat ones... So live and let live. :)

1001 Nights said...

Kuwait has people who are fashion-challenged as well as people who are the very epitome of elegance so the idea that Kuwaitis are too close-minded for these shoes is whatever.

Personally, I hate them because like HTKH I believe they are ugly and it's like they're trying to be quirky but they're not pulling it off so they're just like WA3 :P

Anonymous said...

after reading this whole convo over and over again - anon.#1 , i think your the closed minded one here. Ive walked in the ave's many times wearing these kind of shoes, and NO, no one pointed their fingers on me. its self confidence, sadly you seem to lack it. Because if you did have self confidence ( like our dearest confash ;*), you wont give a shit if someone pointed their finger at you.. so what? dont tell me , YOU never pointed you finger at anyone :)! i dont want to be mean here, but its the truth .. deal with it ! Confash, kilman la rayaah.. and im happy that you dont care what people's toooo short to care what others think about you! i think you've got great taste :D

il Shei5a said...

I agree with anonymous # 2!!
way to go Confash ;*
topshop is amazing, though i dont buy alot from it. I found these ( might seem like a no-way to you at first) denim leggings and i fell in love with them , esspecialy paired with an oversized blouse.

- il Shei5a

miss ghesquiere said...

oola shda3waa kil hatha over a pair of shoes? calm down anon #1... :o


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