Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Credit Crunch Challenge - Part II

My mother always tells me: عينج ما تطيح إلا عل الغالي

It’s true. When I go shopping I unconsciously tend to pick the most expensive item at the store only to be consciously awakened by the price tag.

Looking for stylish and affordable items (less than KD 100) turned out to be fun, a little bit challenging but fun. Normally I tend to be picky when it comes to buying from the high street, I always check the fitting, the stitching, and quality of garments before I make my purchase. So, here are today’s selections for the Credit Crunch Friendly Shopping Game..

I found these on-trend tapered leg shape pants KD 23 and this cute cropped beige linen ruffled jacket KD 30 at TopShop (Yes! TopShop AGAIN!). Pair them with one of KG’s patent leather platform sandals (preferably the orange ones, around KD 40) And wear a flashy colored tank top under the jacket, which you can easily find at Zara or Express for less than KD 10. And, taadaa, that’s an entire outfit for less than KD 100.

Cute ruffle detail on the collar of the jacket and one pleat on the back


Anonymous said...

i lov how ur so comitted to ur blog and love to share u styling tips...btw, hal jacket kan iyain bs i thought 30 was too expensive f topshop!

سبمبوت said...
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سبمبوت said...

Confashions .. this is adorable

Good pick :)

Anonymous said...

I saw this jacket @ top shop the other day bas ma lifat nathari ,but the way you put it naw made it a must have item .Mashallah 3leech you are realy talented when it comes to fashion .So keep up your good work . Luv ya

Zabo0o6a said...

lol my mom shares that point with urs !
I loved that jacket bs i have tons of the similar style from topshop as well :/

New Bride said...

woooow mashalaah 3aleech :)

u r the best

Twist said...

At 'twist' boutique, all items are below 63KD with the majority around 30KD :)


Yara said...

Nice.. enzain shrayech of another challenge? Clothes for met7ajbat eli yasteroon el jesem but at the same time flatters and trendy? But if its trousers/jeans then the top has to be long like mid thigh length basically covering that area

Confashion said...

Thank you.. I love that about me too! ;P

Thanks ;)

Awww! Thank you sooo mcuh :) I'm glad you liked my pick.

Even better! Don't buy it and save KD 30 for a different must-have purchase! ;)

New Bride
Thank you ;)

I'm planning to highlight that in my future posts :) Thanks for sharing.

Deal.. I'll make it my next challenge ;)

Anonymous said...

Its so weird! I went shopping this weekend and bought the beige jacket with the ruffles from topshop and I also bought the white chanel-look-alike from zara ! then I log on and both are on your blog! I guess we have the same taste ;)

Noor said...

LOL! I bought one of those suede orange platforms I got at KG they hurt like hell, but look like heaven on...everyone thought it was a brandy...I keep it stacked right next to my loubes. :D


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