Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Beautifully Blended Beirut - III

Forget about Artisans du Liban in Ain Mreissé, if you’re looking for something really different, go to Orient 499. Located in a modern building opposite the old Holiday Inn Downtown Beirut, Orient 499 stocks beautiful oriental clothes and home accessories with a modern twist. If you’ve ever been to Liza’s (a hip Lebanese restaurant in Paris), you will know exactly what I’m talking about. Check out the photos below of Orient 499.

And also there’s Plum, Saifi Village's savviest and most uber-cool boutique which I didn’t get to take photos of, maybe because I was too busy shopping?

And because I have a far reaching obsession with Lebanese Food and restaurants (whether it’s the food or the interior design), I have to mention the restaurants I’ve been to which unfortunately I did not take photos of: Centrale, La Parrilla (Argentinean restaurant), Mandaloun sur Mer (close to Beil), Aldante…OK, I miss Beirut already! Love you Beirut!


Erzulie said...

i fall in love with something new every time i go to beirut. the last time i went was during this past winter. i too love the orient (artisana as well) but you know what i noticed? the prices! my parents and i waltzed into orient and there were about 3 kuwaiti families crowding the place, starting from the tall, polished looking father to his fur coated, Chaneled wife and 2-3 very well dressed children in their early 20's to late teens and downwards. while my mom was busy looking at the kaftans i was looking at the jewelry section. i noticed a bunch of ethnic looking gold bangles with really nice gems. i asked one of the pretty salesgirls with wild, black hair about the price. "khams miyat dollarrrrr" she purred. the thing is, i bought something EXACTLY the same in kuwait (gold souk) for 20 KD, give or take. same design, same gems, straight from india and 100% gold (i got it checked out).

from the cabs i snag off the street to the adorable little boutiques in saifi village, i always stick to speaking in english so they wouldn't hike the price when they detect my kuwaiti accent!

but confashions, i do have a request for you: the next time you're in beirut, try to find a vintage shop. one of my friend's told me about one but i didn't have time to get there. i know it's somewhere (think it's near cocteau but i might be mistaken) but never had the chance to get to it.

thanks again :)

The Exhibition said...

you certainly know your way around beirut. take me with you next time!

Confashion said...

It is overpriced I agree.. and I even saw the same item being sold at a different antique shop at Saifi Village and the prices do differ....not dramatically.. but you can feel the differance. If you have Lebanese frds, make sure u go shopping with them ;)

I'll ask about that vintage shop for you..btw, I've been to a flea market once in dwntown beirut and I LOVED it.. I wish they host such event yearly...

The Exhibition
Yala ;) I always make my research before I travel :)

Zeinab said...

Hi. love this blog. I agree about overpriced Orient 499. Nice but way too overrated. Anyway, last summer I discovered a store on Abdel-Aziz street, very close to clemenceau. It's called Elissar & Other Stories. Amazing stuff. cheers


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