Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MAC Hello Kitty .. Sold Out?!

I didn't think that MAC Hello Kitty make-up collection would cause such a commotion! Apparently, people lined up today around 9:30 AM in front of MAC branches throughout Kuwait and in one branch 300 items were sold within less than 2 hours! I cam in a couple of hours late and managed to get one lipstick, a nail polish, one lip gloss. Eye shadows? eye liners? brushes? make-up cases? the rest of the lip glosses and lipsticks? ALL SOLD OUT! Oh and I manged to buy the last piece of the hello kitty mini mirror, which I thought it was useless when I got back home.

The limited-edition collection of was fun, cute, colourful, and glittery. The ones that I bought were the least glittery because I don't like glitter in make-up.

Did you manage to buy anything from the limited-edition MAC Hello Kitty collection? if yes, what did you buy?

Credit Crunch Challenge - Part II

My mother always tells me: عينج ما تطيح إلا عل الغالي

It’s true. When I go shopping I unconsciously tend to pick the most expensive item at the store only to be consciously awakened by the price tag.

Looking for stylish and affordable items (less than KD 100) turned out to be fun, a little bit challenging but fun. Normally I tend to be picky when it comes to buying from the high street, I always check the fitting, the stitching, and quality of garments before I make my purchase. So, here are today’s selections for the Credit Crunch Friendly Shopping Game..

I found these on-trend tapered leg shape pants KD 23 and this cute cropped beige linen ruffled jacket KD 30 at TopShop (Yes! TopShop AGAIN!). Pair them with one of KG’s patent leather platform sandals (preferably the orange ones, around KD 40) And wear a flashy colored tank top under the jacket, which you can easily find at Zara or Express for less than KD 10. And, taadaa, that’s an entire outfit for less than KD 100.

Cute ruffle detail on the collar of the jacket and one pleat on the back

Sweet Caramel

Roula Ghandour is a Lebanese bag designer and the creative mind behind Caramel bags, her collection offers bags that suit all ages, for students and girls who like to have fun there's the cute red lips clutch, classic women can go for the crock embossed clutches in patent leather, and there is the bag for all ages, the bow bag.

Caramel bags and clutches are currently being sold in Le balcon des createurs at ABC achrafieh, Sauce in Dubai, Oman, and recently in Cities Mall in Saudi Arabia. If you wish to contact the designer for order or a business opportunity, please send her an e-mail at roula.ghandour@gmail.com. For further information about Caramel Bags, please visit the brand's facebook group.

Monday, March 30, 2009


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Dancing Around Town

I gasped and almost jumped for joy when I saw with these funky retro pink and black leather brogues from TopShop for less than KD 30. I swear to god that a few weeks back I was thinking why hasn’t anyone designed brogues in funky feminine colors?! Like pink or in neon patent leather. Now that I’ve found these, all I can think of is "I want to dance to some James Brown music!", Don’t ask me why! Anyways, buy these brogues for the ultimate uber-chic look.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Event: More Images From November's Fashion Exhibition

Here are more images of the items which are currently being displayed at November Boutique's Fashion Exhibition. The first image are of ALIA clutches. The below evening clutches are some of accessories displayed by Brown. To learn more about the event and the participating designers, please call (+965) 2-2253445 or click here.

Pretty In Pink

While I was shopping around at Villa Moda Shuwaikh for new Spring/Summer clothes to buy, I saw this uber-cute satin coat in blush pink at D&G. normally this style is so not my thing, but this very light coat for some reason was too adorable to pass up on. All I can imagine was me wearing the Jackie-O style coat over a black structured dress, my pearls, a black Kelly bag, and sky-high stilettos. I tried it on, it looked gorgeous for a couple of minutes then I was like... blah.

And then I saw this equally adorable clutch in pink patent leather.. it’s sooo cute to look at, and then I soon got bored.. It's just not my thing I guess. Moving on...

Event: Glow Boutique at The Exhibition

Glow Boutique is the destination for Kuwaiti trend-setters! Brighten up your look this summer with the latest designs of the season: vibrant, bright, colorful, floral, trendy, simple, and fresh dresses! Our designs reflect the vibrant and colorful soul of Kuwaiti women and to maintain a fashionable statement that carries a unique and artistic vibe. Our designs are contemporary and distinctive, with an exquisite twist.

All you Kuwaiti fashionistas, come celebrate with us! Visit Glow Boutique at The Exhibition. Monday and Tuesday, March 30th-31st, from 5:30PM-10PM.

The Exhibition is located at the Strip across from Alseef Palace and next to Prime & Toast - Jibla. For further inquiries, please call (+965) 9-406-6226.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Marni Hearts Children

Marni is going generous during this tough economic crisis. The brand has created two projects which aim to give less fortunate children a brighter future through artistic creation. One of the projects is called “In a World of My Own” which is a line of 240 cotton shopping bags with paintings from children living in Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Tibet, and India. The bags are now being sold in-store at Marni boutique in Villa Moda Shuwaikh for KD 25 (or was it KD 35?). Anyways, I think they make a great gift or can be used as a beach bag.

The proceeds of these original bags will be divided between schools and hospitals in order to help raise the quality of life for the children in these countries.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Hermès Birkin For Sale

Calling all Birkin-aholics, No more waiting for years to get the bag of all seasons. Here's a rare chance for you to buy an authentic Hermès Shoulder Birkin. Here are the details:
  • 40cm Shoulder Birkin in Charcoal Gray
  • Authenticated at Hermes Bond Street
  • Will be provided with lock, keys, cloth bag
  • Retails around GPB 5,700, Accepting Bids from starting price of GPB 3,800
  • Will be in Kuwait April 17th 2009 as the seller will have to bring it herself

If you're interested, send an e-mail to hermesbirkin09@gmail.com with your bid price, full name, and contact details. The auction will end tomorrow night Staurday 28th March 2009 at 9:30 PM (Kuwait Local Time). Good Luck!

Créme Boutique‏ is Now Open in Bahrain

Finding casual chic pieces to wear is very challenging here in Kuwait. It's either sold out the minute it goes in store or it's simply not as "chic" as you thought it would be. Luckily for Bahrain shoppers, that shouldn't be an issue, skewing toward the type of playful and casual chic avant-garde pieces, Crème Boutique offers a wide selection of clothes and accessories that befit girls who hop from cultural events and gallery opening to shopping malls and cafes for brunch with the girls. Some of the brands they carry are: Elizabeth & James, Raasta and Mawi. Check the boutique out, it’s fashionably and officially open.

Créme Boutique‏ is located at Al A’ali Shopping Complex, Seef District, Kingdom of Bahrain. For any inquiries, please send an e-mail to fashion@creme-boutique.com or call them at (+973) 1717-1670.

Event: Fashion Exhibition at November

November will be hosting a fashion event at the store where you will be treated to desserts, and if weather permits a lovely seating area on the balcony, and they will be playing music and serving mini mocktails. The event will be Saturday, Sunday, and Monday from 10am-8:30pm At Tilal (November -shop m13) Shuwaikh next to city center. Participating designers are:
  • JOJOBA ACCESSORIES: Feminine, modern, and flourish standout necklaces that will transform any look from simple to sensational.
  • DEENA: Summery clothes in bright fabrics with flashy hand stitching details, ruffled skirts, floral dresses, sheer embroidered tunics, and eccentric bows (Last two photos).
  • MAYA KA: A collection of evening attire in luxe satin and flashy colors (2nd photo from below).
  • AILA: Contemporary over sized clutches in bright colors, python skins and exquisite handmade cloths. (Clutches are shown in the photos above and below)
  • Brown: A boutique located in tala Center that sells casual and cocktail dresses by European designers. The boutique will be displaying new and unique evening bags at this event.

To learn more about the event and the participating designers, please call (+965) 2-2253445 or click here.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bring It On

Since the credit crunch crisis, almost everyone is thinking twice before purchasing luxury items. Some of you who have been working their budget since late last year, haven’t purchased much of anything in the clothes and shoes department. Depressing I know! So I have been challenged by two of my amusing readers to find stylish items and on-trend ensembles that are less than KD 100.

So, Today I am proud to announce my first selections for the Credit Crunch Friendly Shopping Game... Shoes by Kurt Geiger.

We all know that finding cheap, stylish, and comfortable shoe is like asking Amy Winehouse not to put on black eyeliner. It often seems like the stuff of legend or impossible to happen.

Not in Kurt Geiger’s case, this is the place to go and get cheap, stylish, and comfortable shoes. I’m not saying that this applies to the entire collection, but you can easily find several heels/flats that fall under these criteria. And the best part? Prices start from KD 25 to maximum KD 60.

Very Marni-like orange and grey patent leather platform heels

Just look at the cute strctured ruffles on the back of this soft pink satin platform heels

Comfy flats for the weekend

Kurt Geiger is located in the Avenues Phase II. Fashionistas out there, please feel free to participate in our Credit Crunch Friendly Shopping Game. The More, the merrier!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sneak Peak Of AlSabah Art & Design Gallery's Privte Event

Last night was the private viewing of Sheikh Majed Al-Sabah's new art gallery and we got a sneak preview thanks to one special reader. Sheikh Majed has commissioned two Swiss artists Comenius Roethllsberger & Admir Jahic To develop a series of work in memory of Arab icons. The exhibition is a tribute to celebrity figures of the Arab world put together with snippets of the regions energetic youth culture in work such as crazy Arab car stunts and girl afraid of her own shadow.

VIVA participated in the event as an Internet host in the first AlSabah Art & Design Collection Gallery defining the concept of art meets technology.

There was also a gift shop inside the Gallery called I Love Souk which sells items all designed by Shaikh Majed. The items represent the region's heritage in a very fashionable manner and very affordable prices. The gallery is open to the public today at Al Corniche.

Event: Al-Kout Day at AUK

I received this by e-mail:

The Saudi's have "Al-Janadriya"; We're bringing it Al-Kout Style.

The Arabian Heritage Project of AUK is proud to present "Al-Kout Day"- a festival being held to celebrate the grand opening of the Arabian Heritage Project, a research, archival, and outreach center dedicated to promoting and fostering the heritage of the Peninsula and related cultures.

Come join us relive our glorious Kuwaiti Culture and preserve it. Two days of celebration on the 31st of March and April 1st from 11 am till 7 pm at the American University Of Kuwait Campus in Salmiya, this festival encompasses all aspects of Kuwaiti Culture from the distinct desert Bedouin norms and traditions to the vibrant rich sea-coast culture with everything in between. The event will include live performances by Kuwaiti traditional bands (Bin Hussein and Mayouf), live craftsmen, a bazaar, a live cameo by a Bedouin family, camel, food; basically a chance to experience authentic Kuwaiti Tradition and Culture at it's best. The event is open to all audiences. For more info, please send an e-mail to: ArabianHeritage@auk.edu.kw.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Latest From One To Nine

  • The first installment of One-To-Nine's spring/summer collection for "maternity" and "baby" has arrived. With maternity collections from Blossom Mother & Child and Fragile Maternity you will definitely find something to suit your needs whether it's casual wear, something for work or a special occasion. For the babies and for the first time in Kuwait they introduce the super cool imps & elfs, the hip Lili & The Funky Boys, the classy Le Nouveau-Né and the sweet Minisu.

  • Feeling good, is just as important as to looking good, if not more. Therefore, with the support of the Royale Hayat Hospital, One-To-Nine brings you our well-being page. A section dedicated to providing you with the latest tips, advice and programs for your well being. The section will bring well-being advice from experienced health-care professionals, relaxation and rejuvenation tips from their world renowned ELEMENTS Spa by Banyan Tree, fitness programs from the health club in addition to healthy recipes for that beautiful figure. Their well-being section is dedicated to all that would help you achieve an enjoyable pregnancy, a speedy recovery and a happy baby.

  • One-To-Nine offers you further flexibility and more options now in addition to cash, they accept K-net and credit card payments upon delivery, via their mobile POS (K-net) machine.

Event: Kuwait TaiChi Workshop

Chi or Qi is energy, vitality, life force, the spark of life. The name TaiChi has many translations the intent is to cultivate and consciously increase one's awareness, and strength of inner balance. TaiChi a form of meditation in motion enables us to apply this practice.

Nafoot is pleased to announce that Master John Cole President of American Yanjia Michuan TaijiQuan Association will be visiting Kuwait from April 3 - 11 2009. In collaboration with Iman Al-Gharabally founder of Kuwait TaiChi Association will be holding for the first time in Kuwait a group of seminars to introduce Chi Cultivation through a series of Workshops. All Pranic Healers, Reiki healers and fellow Martial arts practitioners are welcomed to engage in this rare local opportunity.

The following are the scheduled events:-
  • Section One:- April 3 & 4, 2009 from 9am-5pm
  • Section Two:- April 10 & 11, 2009 from 9am-5pm
  • Push Hands & Basic Chi Qong:- April 5 - 9, 2009 from 5pm-8pm

Each seminar is KD 60. RSVP necessary – Seats are limited. For more information, send an e-mail to info@kuwaittaichi.com.

Tattoo Art

To celebrate Longchamp’s 60th anniversary back in late 2008, the company has collaborated with Belgian artist Jean-Luc Moerman on 60 beautiful bags with his signature loops and scribbles. Each bag looks slightly different from the others and it costs around KD 2,500. However, a set of reproduction bags are being sold separately. I am assuming the pictured bag, which I found at Longchamp boutique at the Avenues, is one of the reproduced bags because it only costs around KD 290.

I have never been a fan of Longchamp. But the 60 limited edition bags look nice from what I saw on their website (not in Kuwait's store). And when I checked out the bags in store, I think they're practical to use when travelling (The leather ones not the nylon). And their prices are very reasonable for those who want to cut back their shopping budget during the recession.

The NET-A-PORTER.COM & Shopstyle giveaway continues.....Jimmy Choo week‏

Please click on the image to enlarge

Monday, March 23, 2009

Turtles And Butterflies

More colors of Ibrah's cute headbands are out now and more styles are coming soon. For the Turtle style headband click here and for the Butterfly style, click here.

Vanessa Bruno Now @ The Avenues

Vanessa Bruno opened its boutique 20 days ago at the Avenues, next to Kurt Geiger. Smooth white and light wood surfaces dominated the interior of the store. And the s/s collection on display had beautiful casual chic clothes and handbags for day wear: light dresses, silk harem pants, soft cardigans, comfortable wide pants... Exactly what you need to wear for your casual hangouts and semi-casual office attire.


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