Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Seeing Doubles

Zara is having fun this season by taking inspirations from the most coveted shoes of Spring runways (more like copying). Take your pick from Zara/Balmain-ish punk-rock studded and blinged sandals, Zara/LV-ish tribal embossed snake-skin sandals, and Zara/Chloé-ish futuristic modern sandals in cobalt blue shiny leather (from last season's collections). All shoes are under KD 40.


Anonymous said...

confash- at which Zara can the first shoe be located please? I was at the marina store & didn't see them!

thanks :*

Anonymous said...

yesterday my friends and i were talking about it! .. Zara is copying the exact same Chloe, Fendi and Balmain's shoeses Mu sejj !!
and to anonymous, i saw it ib marina yesterday, 3al mannequins, am sure ull find it there ;) ..

Anonymous said...

First show looks interesting, perhaps a bit too much yet a push toward things more interesting.

Confashion said...

Zara at Marina Mall. Hope they're still there :)

To me its fun because I get to play the "guessing game" everytime I go to Zara :)

AZM said...

Copy/ Paste....

I know some people who work at Zara's head company, and they told me about the company's approach towards design. Because they produce clothes all year long, and have a strategy to showcase new clothes almost every week, whenever they see popular designs and trends by big fashion houses (eg. Gucci, LV, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta...) or whatever will be trendy in the next 6 months, they produce exact almost identical replicas of the same thing. Often having to hold a picture of "the original design"to make sure it looks the same.

And that is what the Zara business is solely based on.

Anonymous said...

The interesting thing is why has no one sued them yet?

BeBe said...

i saw these in the avenues store so lame and totally uncomfortable

Anonymous said...

i saw them all in marina branch and by the way the first sandal is 49.500 kd so its not less than 40

DoDoq8 said...

ماشالله خوش بلوق

يعطيج العافيه

بس شنو قصدج بمحل العثمان ؟

اسم المحل جذي ولا قصدج العثمان الي بحولي ؟؟

AZM said...

To Anonymous,

The reason no one sued them is because the Zara designs are ot exact replicas but rather feature strong similarities in design, plus they do not copy "copy-written" designs.

Anonymous said...

the first pair looks similar to what Jenniger connelly
wore to the "He's not that into you" premiere with the gorgeoues green dress!


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