Saturday, February 14, 2009

In The Spirit of Valentine's

Spotted, this oh-so-pretty red top with ruffled sleeves in a recent episode of Gossip Girl worn by the beautiful B. So imagine how thrilled I was when I saw it at Al Othman for KD 139.

Blazing red is a hot hue for Spring and beyond. So it’s a no brainer to invest in such a top. Mix and match this vibrant Catherine Malandrino silk blouse with brights or wear it with cigarette leg jeans for a captivating casual look or with a structured pencil skirt for a strong office attire.


Fashionista said...


i like

Nemo said...


Delicately Realistic said...

I LOVE IT !!!!

Ms. D said...


i have somethin similar from cathrine bs in green and its actually a dress with the same puffy fowery kisha sleeves :D

Queen Bee said...

I thought i was a dress;O does it come with a skirt?

AZM said...

In my opinion, if you're gonna wear ruffled sleeves, like these, you must be super skinny, no muscled arms, or big arms or anything, you just have to be very skinny to pull this look of, not even like in Gossip Girl, skinny.
Otherwise it will make you look like a big strawberry or red icing on a cupcake.


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