Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Event: ZAY Traditions & innovations

Al Sadu Society cordially invites you to an exhibition of Kuwaiti Fashion “ZAY Traditions & innovations”. The event is hosted by Shaikha Altaf Salem A. AlSabah , an Anthropologist as well as author of two books on the arts and culture of Kuwait .

Shaikha Altaf is the Patron and Honorary president of the AlSadu Weaving Cooperative Society, this venture into design on her part is with the main objective of focusing more on some of Kuwait's intensely vivid creations from the past which can work well in our modern world.

The event will be held from Sunday 15 February (6:00 pm) to 22 February at Al Sadu House - Arabian Gulf Road. For any inquiries, please call (+965) 2243-2395 or you can send an e-mail to Proceeds of the sales will go to the HAYAT Charity, caring for cancer patients in Kuwait

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Ovaltine is my Valentine said...

That Kuwait is more fashion forward than any other country in the region save Lebanon is stating the bleeding obvious. However, it will be interesting to see how post Zay, ladies will come out wearing their Etro kaftans, zardosi embellished abayas, velvet Nafnoufs and satin Zenoubs.
Already we are beginning to see a fusion take place with men's fashion in Kuwait where you find 30 plus men in Armani ghetras wearing pinstriped Kenzo and Zegna suits. Certainly very vintage very Bethlehem very West Bank!


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