Monday, December 15, 2008

Event: Luxury Sale

Prada, Dolce, Gucci, Marni, and more at The Luxury Designer Sale which is held currently at Movenpick's tent, Free Trade Zone - Shuwaikh. Up to 90% off clothes, shoes, and bags for men and women. The event will end on December 29th. Open from 10 AM to 10 PM.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog:)

I have a list of shopping websites in my favorites, however I don't have a lot of courage when it comes to internet shopping. The only ones I tried so far are net a porter and browns. I was wondering if you could provide us with websites you've used and had success with delivering to Kuwait.

Another question is, will I face troubles ordering exotic leather handbags ? I mean with our costumes, are they easily allowed in?

Anonymous said...

i have a question too...
wain ra7aw the girls at soho? im looking for shobhian!!

alsooo i tried this awsome place for nails
its called Tanya beauty (nxt to meridian hotel) ... its the best ever, try it o write a review coz it deserves to be mentioned... witha ma3jbich ANA ardlich ur money heehehe ;p


Cloudy Stars said...

bs al7een a7es mako shay available anymore min il sale :S

Anonymous said...

Noor, I dont know about Siobhan but Have tried Candis at soho and she is great, my cousin goes to Sophie and is always ranting and raving about her hair....give them a try!!

Anonymous said...

Is siobhan still there?

Anonymous said...

no she was fired from there

Confashion said...

Thanks ;)
You shouldn't have a problem with exotic leather bags, I have ordered a couple in the past and didn't face any problems with the customs.

As for your first question, please give me your e-mail so that I can send you the list of websites I have used before. Or you can e-mail me directly at

Anonymous 2
I think you got your answer below ;)

Cloudy Stars
you never know.. maybe u'll stumble on sth vintage-y.


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