Monday, November 17, 2008

Quit Following Me!

Recently I have noticed that anytime I walk in casually to TopShop the sales people start stalking me the moment I step inside and watch me rather closely. I thought nothing of it, until I began to browse through the store. I would turn around and bump into the sales person, literally! And then they start recommending things I should try out or buy, AND how to wear it! WTH!?!?!? Since when did TopShop turn into Alostora?! Did you also noticed that? When I want to shop at TopShop, I want to shop ALONE thank you very much. And If I need help, I will simply ask for it.

So, please, whoever is in charge of the staff there, your selling strategy is pushing clients away rather than increasing sales. Please do something about it.


Anonymous said...

And I thought I was imagining that – still kudos for them, the service in Avenues is really swell.. Alos6oora on the other hand never bother to call me back when I request limited edition items, they actually run away to all possible exits ( are they all heading to Rome?)

The Manager at T.S was soo fantastic trying to locate a Kate Moss vest for Moi that he actually rang to let me know that none was available – Ostora and V.M take a hint..

nighty ;)

Miemie said...

This is soo true and it happens in almost every store! they either ignore you completly even when you ask for assistance, or they STALK you! The funny thing is, they dont always pick good things to match what u want ;p

Neoark said...

I don't blame them stalking you :p

but you can go and say "No thanks, leave me alone" if he/she didn't move away, then go to the person incharge.

AZM said...

Use my approach, it's succinct, to the point and EVERYONE gets it...

"Thank you, if I need ANY HELP I will ask for you..."

Anonymous said...

YESSSSS!!!!! I GOT REALLLLLLLY PISSED! i wanted to say something SHOOOOOO

Erzulie said...

the worst thing a salesperson can do is rearrange the clothes on the rack RIGHT after you've browsed through them. i hate experiencing that guilty, hurried feeling. it's as if i'm committing a sin.

i did actually do what azm suggested a few times i.e. "do you need any help?" and i'd go "no thanks. i'd rather be alone." they usually get the hint.

i've never been a fan of al-ostoura, especially after that whole fishy debacle that concerned one of its heads who allegedly buys/bought designer cloth, sticks on a brand label and hikes up the price of the piece. i don't know if that's true or not but as they say, behind every rumor is a grain of truth.

the last time i went there - al ostoura that is - i tried on a pair of pants. they didn't complement my figure at all and when i told the saleswoman who was helping me out that i might not get them, she had the audacity to pout and whimper, "oh god, if i don't sell anything today i might get fired."

that was the last time i went there. talk about a guilt trip.

Anonymous said...

Sooo true! I was there on Saturday.. and the second you step in the store. They follow you.. You pick something up. They ask what size you want.. they find it and hold it for you and then follow you around the whole store! And then, they keep suggesting the most random things.. You look at jackets and she points out boots! Shakooo?? Ba3dain she stood outside the changing room as I tried things on.. I took a while on purpose for her to take a hint.. and she knocks the door and is like "7abeebti, bedik musa3ada?"
Kerehetni ib topshop. TOPSHOP!

erzulie: My mother has actually seen the rolls of fabric and the workshop. She was pregnant and need a dress to be altered and they sent her to an apartment in Zahra residence complex with a sales assistant and she saw their little sweatshop. Rolls and rolls of designer fabric and several sweing machines. I've been banned from buying anything from Al Ostoura ever since.

Anonymous said...

wow, i can't even mention how much i hate that too!
topshop surely should not be stalking you. at those prices i actually WANT to be left alone.
al ostoura on the other hand is just a disaster in every possible way. ALWAYS followed by some UN experienced staff who either calls you habibti or a very bad english hello! i just glare at them and they usually "crawl" away getting the hint.
having said that, a store like ostoura NEEDS good experienced staff. nothing worse than a "lady" explaining how some random lanvin piece is THE hottest thing this season. tut tut!

Zabo0o6a said...

kel mkan sayreen ed3al chethy ! :/

A Journal Entry said...

eeeeeeeeeee i've noticed that!
they follow u around oo suggest clothes for me and they r like " try this dress it's ur style" how can u possibly know what my style is?!?!


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