Monday, October 13, 2008

Support Breast Care Kuwait

Did you know that breast cancer will affect 1 woman out of 8 women in a life time? October is the month of breast cancer awareness in the world, conducting a breast cancer screening by a simple test called "mammogram" can save your life.

Breast Care Kuwait is a non profit group that launched breast imaging services at the breast imaging unit in Al-Sabah Hospital 16 months ago, providing state of art imaging facility and expertise to help early diagnosis and management of breast disease in Kuwait. Since the launch of its website, the number of women who visited the unit has increased by 30 %.

They are now launching a trial of breast cancer screening to promote the concept of "Early detection save lives", from the 7th–29th October 2008, with the assistance of Kings College Hospital National Breast Screening Programme Team/London UK. For the first time ever, they will be launching a digital connection of teleradiology trial to transfer films for review at Kings College hospital, and will have a team from Kings College present all through the period of the trial. The month will target women from different sectors of Kuwait’s society, and will contain multiple public educational functions, with media coverage, and scientific training course for the radiographers and radiologist from Kuwait and Gulf states.


Anonymous said...

alla ya36ehom il 3afiya, winshalla ya rab ma7ad yebtili eb hal marath.

dee said...

thanks for the post :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting it :))) I was checking everyday !! lol
mashkoora :-****

Confashion said...

Thank you for informing me about it :)


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