Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Second Burberry Store Opened in Kuwait

Take a glimpse at the New Burberry store at Marina Mall. This is the brand's second store in Kuwait. The 69 square metre store, located within Salmiya’s Marina Mall, presents menswear and womenswear from the Burberry London collection, and also includes the fragrance, timepiece and sunglasses lines.

In addition, the store carries Burberry accessories, including this season’s Lowry bag. The first Burberry store in Kuwait, which is currently located at Arraya Complex, opened in October 2003.


Zaydoun said...

What?! No Burberry Prorsum?!

AZMVM said...

No Burberry Prorsum?!!!!!!!!!

blah said...

I know this got nothing to do with your post but can you please give us ideas about Eid clothes? cause I really REALLY hate shopping for Eid! (for non-hijab girls).

Q8 fashionista said...

that's good!

and blah,look for dresses you can't go wrong with a dress :)

dreamGIRL said...

Oh, sweet, i didn't know that due to the lack of me being in marina! lol :P
But thanks for the info, im going from a visit!:P

dreamGIRL said...

For a visit*

Ignore my typos!!!:P


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