Sunday, September 7, 2008

Say Hello to Mr. Kelsey

Allow me to introduce to you my latest obsession and new comer to the shoe scene, everyone, say hi to Jonathan Kelsey. British shoe designer Jonathan Kelsey has worked with the biggest names in the fashion business such as Jimmy Choo, where he spent four years designing shoes, followed by Gina, Giles, Joseph, and finally Mulburry in a small one season fashion collaboration.

Quirky without being too achingly trendy, Kelsey’s creations leans toward exquisitely designed coned and sculptural shoes, usually with soaring high heels. His fall collection goes perfectly well with this season’s the gothic and 70’s look. Click here to view the entire collection.

Looking at his shoe collection makes me feel sick of my summer wardrobe (and the humid weather!) and long for new and old winter clothes and accessories.


ME said...

Don’t you feel that the media has shifted our obsession from bags to shoes this season more than before?

I liked Kelsey, would like to try it on some day

PeachyKeen said...

I like, esp the silver ones.
Do you know if any of the stores here are getting them?

Um Mit3ib said...

the silver shoes NAARRR

dreamGIRL said...

The first heels are amazing, Anything METALIC is amazing to be exact! :P

AZMVM said...

Niiiiice Mr. Kelsey ;-)

Confashion said...

Well the website says that it is sold at Kuwait's Villa Moda. But I haven't seen them yet.

Anonymous said...

pls don't buy these!!
they are so un pretty! i cannot believe how someone can say wow and that they are pretty just by one post about them.
his collection was better a couple seasons ago when he started but this is NO good :(

AZMVM said...

These are not pretty, but gorgoeus on the right leg and the right outfit on the right person.

SOS! said...

i love jonothan kelsey heels, they're so hard to find tho! i wish they couldbe more available.


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