Friday, September 12, 2008

Lace For Less

Prada's demure lace look was featured in every fashion magazine I have seen lately. And we all know what that means? There's going to be plenty of it in high-street stores and other designers will produce "inspired" items. So it was no surprise when I saw this luxe black silk organza lace pencil skirt at Max Azria's boutique at Arraya Complex. Loves it!

So how do I wear it and give it that modernised look? Think layering up the lace with a contrasting color like baby blue a la Prada style. And go easy on the accessories, the lace itself will do the job. Pair it with a preppy top or a fitted simple leather jacket. Price tag? Around KD 200.

Another option for those who want to channel Prada minus the credit damage, is this Zara black lace short sleeves dress with a slip underlay. It's not as nice as the Max Azria skirt, but you can layer it over a turtleneck, long sleeve blouse to master the trend. And if it means anything to you, its from Zara's limited collection. Price tag? Around KD 27.


♥ P-Ella ♥ said...

Looks fresh-Licious thanx bs mal zara madre shloon shkla @@

Layla said...

the Zara dress reminded me of the first episode of Gossip Girl, Blair waldorf was wearing a smiliar dress except it was white & sleeveless. That made me wanna check out Zara now:P

btw am a huuuge fan of BCBG, his dresses are very chic yet reasonably priced.

AZMVM said...

The best lace skirt in Prada's line is the gold one. Seriously breath taking.


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