Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Event: Five60 Ramadan Exhibition

You are invited to attend an exhibition held at Five60, which is located at Al-Rawda, Block 5, Street 60, House 4, opposite Jamal Abdulnaser Park, on Thursday 11th September starting 8:30 PM to 12:30 AM including:

  • Trendy darra'as and dresses by Rodayna Al-Nouri, Fajer Al-Saqabi and Shorouq Al-Sharhan
  • Trendy accessories by Faten Al-Mashaan
  • "Nazik" Indian silk scarfs brought by Abdulazeez Al-Anjery
  • "Organic food" by Abdelazeez Al-Anjery
  • Candy Bouquet by Abrar Al-Humaidhi
  • GerGai'aan by Elham Al-Thamer


Anonymous said...

Candy Bouquet! what a good idea excited to try it after the wonderful fruit bouquet.

Anonymous said...

ok whos Abrar Al-Humaidhi?
Candy Bouquet/ fruit bouquet? good or not?

Fashionista said...

would love to see pics of the candy bouquet if you have any

Ansam said...

Fashionista there is a pic on my blog
Confashions.. Thanks :-)

Nasser said...

I just wounder if any one can came
like men or it's just for Lidia's

Unbuttoning Majid said...

One of these days I expect to pulled over by the fashion police for my queer fashion fundas - so you were warned!
Where does a Kaftan end and a daraa's begin ? How do you tell them apart ?
And why can' there be a daraas for all seasons?
Besides, is it really all that out of place for society women to be seen wearing daraas when out looting boutiques and luxury malls?

Anonymous said...

Sorry .. but there is nothing special out there, not worth my visit ........


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