Friday, September 26, 2008

Call Shoe Addiction Hotline

How many ankle boots does a fashionista really need for a season as short as Ms. Ronson's hair?! I have a couple of booties already and I'm sooo tempted to add these Christian Louboutin Sigourney ankle boots to my found treasures. The metallic lilac color of the boots and the edgy panel ribbed detailing score high on my fashion points. Me like a lot.


Q8 fashionista said...

yes this bootie is cool but i want the other CL bootie,the one with the Buttons..but it looks like Alothman won't have it,so i'll have to wait till i travel or order it from net a porter maybe :/

Anonymous said...

where can u find christian louboutin in kuwait?

Anonymous said...

which booties do they have at othman? i also want the c'est moi booties. I know that net a porter has it so please someone let me know their selection before i travel outr there.
thanks :)

Q8 fashionista said...

anonymous 1: you can find it in Al-Othman and max mara.

anonymous 2:the only bootie they have now are Orniron in black,they also have Decollete leather pumps (the classic black ones),Very Croise sandals(black and tan),Satin platform sandals(red),Mary jane Double platform and the classic peep toe heels...they have more but these are what i remember!!

f7ee7eely said...

one can never have enough booties...LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey confashions.. Can you write a list of the best places to shop in Kuwait? As I will be coming for a couple of days and have no time to waste! Thanks!


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