Monday, August 18, 2008

The NET-A-PORTER Summer Clearance Begins Today

Credit Card? Check! Internet? Check! My fashionista GF on speed dial for my "Should I or Shouldn't I?" fashion related questions? CHECK!

Get ready for the unmissable NET-A-PORTER Sale clearance event! Everyone can enjoy an extra 20% off selected sale items from the world's most covetable designers, including ChloƩ, Oscar de le Renta, Stella McCartney, Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo and many more, until 31st August.

Simply enter the promo code 'SUMMER' during checkout to take advantage of this limited-time offer. Click here to enjoy NET-A-PORTER Sale.


Anonymous said...

post whatever you buy:P for the sak OF MY LIQAFAA !!!
i also want to mention that u have a gret taste and i want to buy what you buy too :D

Anonymous said...

still too expensive!

Anonymous said...

Confashion, did you buy anything yet?

Anonymous said...

im broke! just came back from berlin! damn :/

Anonymous said...

Ok this is not directly related to the post but.... I have a question,so once you have bought your latest designer piece and worn it, how do you keep them in tip top condition?
I have had many disasterous experiences with dry cleaners, not to mention out of body experiences where I picture myself strangling the maid for washing,tumble drying and not to forget attempting to iron my very delicate pieces!!
What to do? what do you do? Anyone out threre know of a trustworthy dry cleaner who knows how to lovingly look after clothes and not kill them??

Anonymous said...

last anonymous,
Best would be to wash yourself ;) !
i never have the maid wash any of my treasured wardrobe

Anonymous said...

Ok so maybe I could wash some myself, but to be perfectly honest I have a busy schedule, seriously, not a lady who lunches. Anyway, what about the garments that should ONLY be dry cleaned? Gosh someone must have some suggestions, I dont believe all you other fashionisas out there spend your spare time at the basin handwashing your clothes, come on...honestly!

Confashion said...

Why don't you try the laundry shop at Shamiya Mall? I think it's called "Masbagha il 3assriya"? I've heard good thing about it (and tried it too).


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