Saturday, August 23, 2008

Event: NohaNoor Evening Dresses Exhibition

Remember my previous post on NohaNoor? A Kuwaiti brand with talent and taste. Well girls, mark your agendas, because NohaNoor will be hosting an exhibition for their new Autumn/Winter evening dresses collection on 15th September. Once the time and location is set, I'll keep you posted. Here's a preview of what you'll find.


copley said...

not too keen on wearing exhibition stuff for evening wear, but I do like the turquoise dress in the last picture :)

AZMVM said...

Looks promising.

Are guys allowed or is it Girls-Only-And-No-Guys-Allowed-Or-Will-Go-Nazi-On-Your-Behind?!

Confashion said...

It all depends on the location. I think guys are allowed to go and see if it's held at one of the known galleries around town.

Location has not been set yet for this event.. so we'll wait and see

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing but i am not too keen either :(
it is a little random if you ask me

Kaylah said...

Those dresses are beautiful!! I like this first one!!

Julia Tyrell said...

I always love go on exhibits of evening dresses, unfortunately that one is just too far away. :(


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