Monday, July 21, 2008

Win Tickets to Vivienne Westwood's London Fashion Week Show


No, your eyes are not deceiving you. Yes, this is actually the latest marketing campaign run by a Kuwaiti Retail Bank. I saw this ad by Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait in Al Qabas newspaper today. ABK is offering one reader and a friend the chance to attend Vivienne Westwood's London Fashion Week show (arghhhhh!). The lucky winner will also get to stay at Claridges Hotel, a five star, deluxe, luxury hotel located in Mayfair (sigh...). All you need to do is open a current or savings account (minimum KD 100). The draw will be held on 28th August 2008.

It's about time! An age-old financial local company finally experiencing an out-of-the-box forward thinking. Whoever's in charge of this product actually knows how to target clients in a very "creative-to-this-market" manner. We're sick of multiple car/electronics/tickets draws. And even though I don't deal with ABK, I'm seriously tempted to open an account with them after seeing this ad.

A big round of applause to ABK for the original idea. And hope to see more from other retail companies.


Sangeeta said...

Hi there,

I am writing on behalf of the entire ABK Marketing team. We are so delighted to read your blog posting on our latest campaign "ABK is sending you to the London Fashion Week" especially because our out-of-the-box idea is getting such a positive response.

It reaffirms our belief that times are changing and we have to change with them, and also that providing our customers with something new will endorse our priority on customer care.

You write beautifully, and your blog is extremely informative!

With best regards,
ABK Marketing Team

miss ghesquiere said...

sangeeta: i have had an ahli account since before i was born and never won anything! Make ME win this time!!! i want to see Vivienne!!

Anonymous said...

confashion I have a life/death situation help..
I sow this Patent green boots and I want to know if Patent boots are still in specially that they are Green!! and back to the question.. to buy or not to buy??

Confashion said...

Thank you for your kind words and I'm interested to know how big was the feedback on your campaign!

I'm opening an account tomorrow ;)

If they're shoe-boots, I say buy them without hesitation. But for knee-high boots, it depends on your life-style, age, and how risque would you go with your looks. Do you have the boots' picture?

Mota M said...

Wow...that is creative advertising...I am sure it will have many fashionistas scrambling to open up an account with ABK!

Great blog btw :)

Raas Leela said...

ABK and marketing savvy go back a long way. This is merely, another feather in their cap after their Maha- successful campaign of earning frequent flier miles for their customers on Emirates airline with ABK credit card spend.
It is very difficult for any lender - Kuwaiti or otherwise, to best such an offer.

rumours thy name said...

Taking a cue from ABK there's now talk of more than one lender toying with the idea of sponsoring clients opening new student accounts with them to Woodstock and Glastonbury.
Merci beaucoup ABK for showing them the way!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sangita :

With all due respect, every third person in Kuwait today is a hard core Islamist. Given this, do you think your promo will have many takers here?! Is there a mechanism in place wherein, the bank steps in to auction the Vivienne Westwood fashion show passes, for a winning client with whom the prize doesn't sit so comfortably wel ?


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