Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Thrill Of Bargain Hunting - Part 2 - Fabulously Fun Feathers

I'm not a huge fan of feathers because I feel it makes me look a bit costume-ish. But this cute Marni evening clutch/mini bag, adorned with feathers in a very settled and classy way, completely changed my view. Its chic design instantly added a twist to my look. Besides, for Fall 2008, designers embellished their clothes and accessories with attention-grabbing feathers, which makes the mini bag even more alluring to buy. The bag is retailed at KD 137 after discount.

Villa Moda Mubarikiya is located at Abdulla Al-Salem Street next to KNPC's head office. Tel: (+965) 241-1072.


PeachyKeen said...

yaaaaaaaaaaay netaporter banner :)

CeCe said...

I think I'm in love!

Anonymous said...

no no no no no...no feathers no
speachless in kuwait

Noura said...

Hello there :)
could you provide me with more specific directions to Villa Moda Mubarkiya?
once I`ve been told it`s
1-located behind Kuwait Stock Excahnge.
2-Behind Central Bank of Kuwait
.... etc

so where exactly is it located? :P

thank you :)


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