Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Dreams Went Cabat

When its a dead season in Kuwait, I sometimes crave for a fast new-season fix to add to my wardrobe. It doesn't always turn out to be a wise buy, but that's what shopaholics do I guess.

Even though next season is not about the "it" bag anymore (so overrated!), I went for a quick shopping spree to Bottega Veneta's boutique at Villa Moda Shuwaikh. I love the feel and the quality of their hand woven bags. Mind you, sometimes their prices can take your breath (and account balance) away. But at least you know it's not a one-season-wonder and it has a longer shelf life than you might think.

Anyhow, my heart flipped twice when I first stepped in. First, for the fact that pre-fall items were already on display. And secondly when I saw the Cabat in medium size (brown). I just love the way it looks. Simple in design and easy to carry. I read somewhere that Bottega Veneta manufactures not more than 500 per season of the Cabat, which fashionistas fight to possess. A marketing gimmick? Probably. And a very convincing one too. The only Cabat drawback is that it's too exposed if you plan to use it while traveling. It's every pick-pocketor's dream come true. Price tag? Around KD 1,540.

And then anther dark red BV un-Cabat-ish bag caught my eyes. Very practical for day use and travelling. And what I liked about it the most is that it looks different. Let's face it, the Cabat is not a new bag. It's been there for quite some time. But this looks more young and fresh. The bag retails for KD 1,078.

What was your biggest "bag-purchase" mistake?


FourMe said...

Wouldn't call it a mistake more like an investment.. Limited Edition Fendi Peacock Baguette, completely beaded. Can't remember the exact price but it was around the £2000+ price range..

Even though its couple of seasons ago but its still a head turner!

Anonymous said...

I just bought the LV watercolor handbag, i loved the way it looked but still find some hard time deciding what to wear with it! the colors in the bag are limited!! but i really like it.

A Journal Entry said...

looove the new header!

Anonymous said...

did you buy it?
none of my bags have been mistakes;)
crazy buys? my birkins!
mistakes? far from it!
investments? definitely!

if anything is a mistake and you regret it already while you are making your way to the till area then you should just grab your belongings and run ........

BrandsQ8 said...
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BrandsQ8 said...

Although that brown Limited edition is expensive but it worth it, and also u can use the small bag inside it as a Clutch as an evening bag.:)
so its Bottega Veneta it worth!

Fawziya said...

I bougth the red BV but the purple one cause I have the same colour but it’s CHANEL , this is my first BV .. it’s very elegant bag.

three years ago I bougth LV Suhali bag from Milan around 10000 QR and now it’s around 15000 QR.

These days the bags looks like gold.


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